45. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Everything and everyone is only energy. With free will you can choose to change, to transmute, energy with your thoughts.

Your thoughts come from your perspective of situations, people and things. These perspectives are based on your judgments. These judgments are made from where you are standing at the present moment of now.

By learning not to judge, by accepting “What is Now”, your thoughts change and more positive thoughts, based on greater understanding and acceptance, allow higher vibrational frequencies to consume and change previous lower vibrational frequencies of thought, which may have been more negative thoughts. This transmutation comes about by forgiveness of others and sending them love.

By thinking negative thoughts you send lower vibrational frequencies to others negatively affecting all parties involved.

If you use your free will to change and transmute your thought patterns, based on forgiveness and love, you allow your vibrational frequencies of energy to increase as you evolve towards the light.

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