46. The Law of Perspective

Depending where you are standing, things always look different. If you stand right up against a mountain or if you stand a mile away from it, the mountain appears different. If you stand in your integrity then choices made consciously appear to be “right”. If you stand in your lack of integrity, making a choice based on sensory perception, without being conscious of the consequence of your actions, then you have convinced yourself that that is the “right” choice.

Your level of consciousness will determine how you perceive the perspective of your choices. Everyone has a different perspective of reality. When you judge someone or something you do it from your perspective of “right” or “wrong”. Your perspective of reality. If you were possibly shown a different perspective and if you were willing to listen and adjust your perspective perhaps your judgment would be different.

There is Divinity in everyone. You are all a part of God. Sometimes people mask this Divine perfection. If you want to have “the Proper Perspective” – God’s perspective – then see the Divinity in all people and things. All is perfect according to God’s perspective. Only man’s perspective is distorted as judgment affects perspective. Acceptance of “what is now” and allowing things to be as they are opens the door to start seeing Divinity, the love of all people and things.

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