44. The Law of One

God is You and You are part of God. God comprises parts of all of you. God is One, ONE which is made up of parts of all of you. For God to be God, God must experience all of everything. Therefore, do not judge anything or any one, or what is or is not done, as God requires all these experiences. Your healing, your growth, your evolvement is your co-creation contribution to making God increase in Perfection. God is perfection, however, as God is unlimited so Perfection is also unlimited. Perfection can always be improved upon. There are no limits to your healing, growth and evolvement. As you evolve in co-creation so does God as you are part of God.

Whatever you do to you, or another, you do to yourself and to God, whether “good” or “bad”. You are all One in your interconnectivity. You are all part of God. God is One. God is love. You are love. Be love. Be the part of God You Are – in your magnificence!

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