43. The Law of Now

Your breath is your life force. You cannot take a breath yesterday and you cannot take a breath tomorrow. You can only take a breath NOW. Each breath you take can only take place in the present moment of now.

The breath you took yesterday at some time you survived and the breath you hope to take place sometime tomorrow may, or may not, occur.

The only moment there is, is NOW. The only breath that has any significance is the breath you are taking now.

The only time that has any significance for your life’s continuance is now. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a dream. There is only NOW. Now well lived in conscious choice makes the memory pleasant and the dream potentially pleasant.

What choices are you making NOW, in the present moment of Now, to ensure your memories are pleasant and your potential future is pleasant? Accept what is NOW – not what was then and what may yet be.

Your only moment is NOW – make a conscious choice NOW.

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