42. The Law of Miracles

MIRACLEMay I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving.

Miracles occur when consciousness enables the light to evolve. Miracles are common place in God’s world of consciousness. The sunrise and sunset create miraculous artworks in the sky. However, because they are everyday occurrences they are taken for granted. Can you imagine if the sun only rose and set one day in every 50 years? How that day would be treasured and savored as a day of a miracle.

Your life is surrounded by everyday miracles. The perfection of you and how your mind, body and spirit works is a miracle of God’s creation. The conception, development and birth of a baby is a miracle.

Your growth and development is a miracle. The ecological balance within the world and the adaptation of all earth’s creatures is a miracle. How people transform themselves in consciousness from “bad” to “good” is a miracle. The healing, growth and evolution of you and others as you become part of God, the Source of all Miracles, is a miracle of transformation.

By seeing and recognizing the miracles evolving around you, you start to connect to the possibility that miracles are possible and you can manifest miracles.

Start to recognize the conscious light evolving within you, and people with whom you interact. Genuinely compliment yourself and them, for having the conscious light within and watch the miracles that emerge in your relationships with yourself and with those others.

Live your life in consciousness of light evolving then – Expect a Miracle!

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