38. The Law of Least Effort

Law of Least Effort promises you effortless ease and care-freeness as you apply the principle of no resistance. Nature shows us how harmony and love allow nature to blossom forth effortlessly and if you can truly be Who You Really Are, a part of God, then the Law of Least Effort will unfold in front of you.

When your motivations are purely love based, your energy manifests itself and you can use this surplus energy to manifest what you intentionally want to create. By accepting this moment as it should be, by taking responsibility for how you feel, having the ability to change how you feel and by not defending your point of view, your energy is unlimited and if you now follow the path of non-resistance you will experience happiness and bliss as your life flows with effortless ease. Your intentions are released with detachment and trust in the process of the Universe to give you what you need when you need it -all in effortless ease.

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