37. The Law of Karma

Karmic Law is the result of choices we make, consciously or unconsciously and the cause and effect of the consequent actions that result. By unconscious choice, most times reactions, consequences result. By conscious choice, most times thought provoked responses, consequences result.

The Law of Integrity, whether obeyed or not obeyed, sets up the consequences of action both “good” and “bad” as a ripple effect which turns into a wave and ultimately a tidal wave. Obeyed laws create “positive” consequences and disobeyed laws create “negative” consequences.

Ultimately, all consequences are “positive”. However, by first going the “negative” route to end up as “positive” could entail hardships, pain, healing, growth and evolvement in many lifetimes.

The Law of Karma says no debt in the Universe ever goes unpaid. Become a conscious choice-maker, seeking happiness for you and for all of mankind, generate actions that evolve your Soul through “positive” healing and growth.

Once again, it’s your choice, this time your conscious choice, at all times your conscious choice.

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