39. The Law of Love

LOVELet Our Vibrations Evolve

Whatever rises will fall and whatever falls will rise again. Change is the only constant.

The Law of Love states that the highest vibrational frequency is God in infinite love. God is love. You are part of God, part of love. God is light. You are light. You are part of God. With the knowledge of the Law of Love no other laws are even necessary.

However, as you are on the physical plane and fear is present in a duality with love, it is necessary to produce all these other Universal Spiritual Laws.

Love conquers all.

Love is.

Love – your real existence – if you only knew, believed and remembered – your life’s journey on the earth plane could be effortless and blissful. Your healing, growth and evolvement would be complete and you could really know you are part of God.

LOVELet Our Vibrations Evolve

Be love and become Beloved.

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