36. The Law of Intentional Creation/Manifestation

Intentional creation or manifestation is the conscious process of intentionally creating anything you choose to manifest itself in your personal reality. You are your own magician – out of seemingly nothing you can, with conscious intent, and detachment from results, create whatever you want. There is no judgment on what you create but there are consequences that follow your intent. For starters, your thoughts, visualizations, intentions, emotions, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, clear expectations, words, deeds and actions must be aligned with what you intend creating.

The manifestation already exists in Spirit, now to bring it into reality in the physical: Declare your intention; although your five senses cannot validate the existence of the reality of the manifestation, as yet, you must know it is real and already exists; think about, focus on and pay attention to your ultimate objectives; determine how long, within reason, it should take to manifest this reality; your attitude is positive and great, it’s gratitude, in advance of proof; you remain fully confident that you can do whatever is required to manifest this reality; your expectations are total success; you intend playing by the rules and standing in your integrity throughout the manifestation process; the clear vision of your intended creation remains your focus; you willingly take each step, one at a time, keeping your clear vision intact of your intended creation.

Each experience along the way is consistent with your stated intentions as you keep your eyes firmly on your vision; you feel and sense that intended reality to willingly be part of you; doubt, failure, uncertainty, disbelief and failure are not thought processes you will allow, and, failure is not an option. You are prepared to do whatever is required to manifest this reality; you do what it takes to get the job done. You trust the process as the Law of Intentional Creation enables the manifestation process to unfold. By doing what you need to do, by trusting the process, you remain detached from the results or the outcome. While you are taking the required steps, the Universe will manifest your intentional creation.

Your thoughts start your creation of your reality. Your total belief system enables this process to manifest by directing the universal energy to apply itself to unfold the Law of Intentional Creation as easy as it unfolds the Law of Gravity.

Believing is Seeing!

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