35. The Law of Intention

Providing you are standing in your integrity and what you want to manifest is for the benefit of mankind, not your own needs and wants, then your passionate intentions will release a force that will commence the manifestation process – so stand back, in your integrity, and watch out – for the creation of manifestation.

Intention is not simple desire – it is desire propelled by intent. The real strength of this intent is that it unleashes forces in the Universe propelling it towards manifestation – provided it is for the higher good of the Soul’s journey and not merely to satisfy Ego’s wants.

By unleashing genuine, passionate intention, the trust inherent in the process is that the Soul will provide needs, not wants (that’s Ego’s job). The outcome is assured so detachment to the outcome is required to ensure that the flow of energy creating the manifestation into reality is not blocked by consciously attaching expectations to whether the outcome will manifest itself or not.

Intention with detachment allows you to be present in the now. With your detached intent in the present, your intention for the future will manifest itself because the future is created in the present. Accept what is now in the present and intend the future.

Providing your intentions are honorable, passionate and beneficial to mankind, then trust in the process of creative manifestation as you remain detached from the outcome or results.

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