34. The Law of Integrity

You are part of God. When you know, and remember Who You Are, then being integrated with God, you know your Integrity. Integrity means being integrated so that your thoughts, words, actions are a reflection of your highest intentions. This integration occurs through your mind, body, spirit, emotions, attitudes, beliefs and behavior.

Be in harmony with God; think, say and act “What would God/Love do now?” and then do whatever you please – you will always be standing in your integrity.

Your motives and your intent determine how you stand in your integrity. By acknowledging your weaknesses, your failings and having the motivation and intention to now stand in your integrity, drawing upon your inner strength, to be the best you can be, then you can integrate with your perception of God.

If, on the other hand, through your motivations and your intentions you choose not to stand in your integrity; if you choose temporary sensory satisfaction at the expense of knowingly not standing in your integrity, then be conscious that others may be affected and offended by your choices.

The consequences of your choices are inevitable according to the way the Universe handles the Law of Cause and Effect.

In breaking spiritual law, the action itself is its own punishment, as it sets up the ripple effect of the consequences of that action. These ripples develop into waves and the waves become tidal waves. When these waves eventually crash against the “immovable” objects of your life, they prove to be very movable as they are swept along in the path of the breaking tidal wave.

At that point learning to stand in your integrity will assist in your healing, growth and evolutionary process.

Stand in your integrity – or fall for anything, anywhere, any-how, any-when.

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