31. The Law of Grace

Grace is God’s infinite way of giving mercy, healing, growth and evolvement. In colloquial terms “God’s get out of jail free” card.

God will always give you what you need and not necessarily what you want (that’s Ego’s job!) God’s grace can only be asked for when you have done everything, and We mean everything, in your power to learn the lessons you have created for your own healing, growth and evolvement.

When you have genuinely been the best you can be in learning and applying these lessons, then call upon God’s grace to complete your healing and so propel your growth and your evolvement. It is said that this grace may dissolve your karma. However, you can be an instrument of grace by offering grace to others through your compassion, your empathy, giving unconditional love and forgiveness. These are the divine qualities that give grace.

You, as a part of God, can give grace to others in this way and so receive grace by giving it.

Grace will set you and others free.

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