32. The Law of Gratitude

Gratitude means a great attitude! If you feel an abundance of thanks for something or someone then your Soul sends out the vibrational frequency of love and thanks. A thanks only comes from the lips. Love and thanks come for the heart, the Soul.

If you feel and can express heartfelt gratitude then you unlock the Universe’s abundance treasure chest. You know this because when you receive gratitude and appreciation you feel worthy. When you give gratitude and appreciation to something or someone you feel self-worthy. Conversely, when you give, or receive, the opposite, judgment and criticism, you feel smaller, you feel unworthy.

The gratitude you feel and express when you realize every challenge you face has within it a lesson of healing, growth and evolvement makes you look forward to challenges with willing appreciation and gratitude for your opportunity to grow. Count your blessings, in appreciation and gratitude, and watch them grow.

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