29. The Law of Gender

Masculine and feminine energies are universal. These two energies are united and that union is required to create anything on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of existence. The masculine energy directs itself to the feminine energy to initiate the creative process. The female energy, having received the male energy, then undertakes the creative work. This is a symbiotic relationship for any form of creation to take place – thought, words, deeds, action, light, heat, power, etc.

To truly create the balancing of the masculine with the feminine, energies must be expended to a point of stability, a point of equal balance. When this balance point is reached, the Soul knows and the person can act intuitively and create appropriate maximum performance solutions as they align with their Higher Self, the part of God, that they truly are.

Honor and respect for the masculine energy, and for the feminine energy,is required before a true union can be formed to initiate creativity.

RESPECTRecognize Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute

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