28. The Law of Frequency

Everything in the Universe is flowing, is in motion. Whether it is a solid, liquid or gas it moves, vibrates and travels in what is known as circular patterns. Frequency measures the motion’s pattern as it oscillates, vibrates or creates waves a number of times for each selected unit of time.

Each thing has its own unique vibrational frequency. States of matter and energy are a reflection of the number of times something vibrates in, say, a millisecond. From heavy solid redwood trees to light or heat is only a function of vibrational frequency. To find out who you really are, at Soul level, where you emit a unique vibrational frequency that defines you, and allows you to be a part of God, you must BE STILL and KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

If you could become still long enough to allow your own unique vibrational frequency to align with you, in your stillness, then you will know God exists within You.

By allowing distractions, noises, television, radio, people, and all noises, to disturb that stillness, your unique vibrational frequency will remain a mystery to you. Once again it’s your choice -stillness or noise – to know God or to know noise.

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