25. The Law of Faith

What would happen to you right now if a miracle occurred and you knew with absolute certainty that God existed and you were part of God? Assume that you received confirmation that, without a shadow of a doubt, God is here guiding you, protecting you, loving you.

That God will give you everything you need to make you heal, grow and evolve into Being – a part of God.

That you now no longer had to fear anything, that you would not lose anything that was needed for your Higher Good.

That you could love everything and everyone for Who They Really Are, parts of God.

That every pleasure and every hardship you had to experience was for your Higher Good so you could heal, grow and evolve into Being, a part of God.

If you could no longer have any fear and that you could know only love.

What would happen to you right now, and in every successive moment of now, if you believed this to be true?

Do you really want it to be true? Then live your life As If this were true.

Believe it; See it; Do it; Create it!

Believing is Seeing!

What do you have to lose? Is your life right now better than believing that God is here and you are part of God? That God is love and You are love?

Have faith that God is here with you now. That you are part of God. That God is love. That you are love – and see what happens to your life. Trust the process. Expect a miracle!

MIRACLEMay I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving.

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