26. The Law of Flow

Everything is energy. The states of matter that are in existence depend on the frequency, or vibration level, at which that energy is vibrating. When energy is static its power level is low. When energy flows, at a regulated acceptable level, then it is very effective in all areas. When energy flows, at full speed, creativity as well as destruction and damage could result. The flow of energy that is most effective, most productive, most prosperous is when the outflow of energy matches the inflow of energy. No strain, no draining, no leakage of energy is experienced.

The flow of energy, at the correct level, enables blockages to be removed. These blockages were created when energy did not flow correctly. Balancing the flow of energy keeps everything at its optimum performance. This also applies to personal emotions, health, relationships, finances, work, love, friendship – and everything else that has meaning in your life.

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