24. The Law of Expectation

What you expect from your life you will receive. What you believe you can, or can’t do, will manifest itself. What you doubt, have uncertainty about or create disbelief, your thoughts will create that as your reality. Purge your negative beliefs by identifying all your doubts, uncertainties and disbeliefs. Write them all down on paper. Read them out aloud. Bring all your fears out into the open so they do not “live” inside your belief system any longer. Having seen and heard that these fears are unrealistic and unfounded convince yourself that they are untrue and do not serve you any longer. Tear the paper into shreds. Burn the shreds, dispose of the ashes.

Now replace this vacuum in your belief system with the truth. Your clear intentions create this expectation. State your expectations out loud as many times as necessary. Write them down on paper. Keep the paper with you at all times. Visit and revisit this message often daily. Your new belief system will be created sincerely when you can see your expectations as a picture, an image, a vision. That vision is part of you now. You and your expectations are one. Your expectations are now part of you.

First you believe it, then you see it, then you expect it, then it manifests itself into reality.

Once you believe it, then see it, then act on it – do not think about it – simply trust and allow your energy with all its unseen, unknown power to manifest it into reality.

Do not think, simply TRUSTTo Rely Upon Spirit Totally

Do not think as this will create limitations. Believe it, see it, do it.

Know deep inside you “Believing is Seeing” – The expectation will create the reality.

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