4. The Law of Allowing

Allow others to be who they are, to do what they do and to have what they have. Do not judge them and do not have emotional attachments and expectations of them. They are what, who and how they are. If that is different to who, what and how you are, so be it. Accept, honor, respect, allow and support who you are. Accept, honor, respect, allow and support who they are.

Honor their right to live their life as they choose, to worship their perception of God as they want to, or not to worship if that be their choice. They are neither right nor wrong. They simply “are” what they are. Given where they are standing right now, their conditioning, their beliefs, their circumstances, their present needs and desires, their choice to be “just are” can be understood if you allow yourself to stand in their shoes. Do not judge, simply allow you to be you and allow them to be the Beings that they “just are”. Release them in love and allow them to be.

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