3. The Law of Affirmation

To affirm is to make firm into reality what you want to be. Your thoughts create your reality. What you believe about yourself and how your reaffirm that continually is what you manifest.

In your affirmations are your intentions for yourself.

If you so desire only create positive words to say out aloud to yourself. Affirmations happen in the present moment of now.

Effective affirmations are simple ones. For example, “Now I deserve happiness”, “Now I love my husband/wife”. Then visualize that and act as if it is a reality with constant continual repetitions of your affirmations, with visualizations and actions, as if it was a reality already, then “watch this space” as it evolves. Affirmations only manifest themselves if you stand in your integrity throughout this process.

When you have achieved what you affirm constantly maintain that affirmation process to maintain the manifestation. It is like rolling a ball up a hill, stop rolling the ball and it falls down the hill.

Make firm your reality – affirm now and in every present moment of now thereafter.

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