5. The Law of As Above So Below

God’s will for you is your will for you when you are standing in your integrity remembering that you are a part of God, that God is love and You are love. When that is your will for you, you will know joy, fulfillment and a sense of worth. You will know Bliss – which is happiness without a reason to be happy – simply blissful.

However, you have free choice. God and God’s emissaries are non judgmental, non manipulative and non controlling. They have infinite patience as they wait for you to experience, learn, heal, grow and evolve. They have opened the door for your joy, fulfillment, self-worth and bliss. The roads that you choose to travel to get to that door will depend on whether and when you choose to remember that you are part of God. When you remember who you are “As Above” so you will create and manifest that “below”.

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