44. Simply Shift From Alone To All One

Are you feeling alone? Are you feeling lonely? Are you feeling depressed? Do you feel like you wish you could sink into your bed and disappear from life?

Whatever happened to you to bring you to this state has already happened to you. Past tense!

Yes, the past is tense!
Is whatever happened to you, happening right now?

Do you have any other time than right now?
So right now you are doing okay other than the “thing” that you are remembering from your past or fearing in your future. But right now, as you are reading these words, how are you doing right now? Not how are you thinking about the past or the future but how are you doing right now?

“Doing-wise”, right now you are doing good. Well, if you are reading this then you are doing good so let’s start right here, right now and work with you on your doing good.

Allow Us to enlighten your mood. If you are doing Good, then you can also be doing O-God! Simply shift one thing! O-God I am feeling so alone.

But you are never alone, We are always with you.

Alone is also All One. If you can simply shift one thing from feeling alone to feeling All One then you can start to realize you are never alone. You are always surrounded by Love when you move from the fear of being alone to the Love you feel when you realize the truth – that you are All One.

You are all One with God, with Us your Guides, with your Angels, with all your relatives and friends who have departed the earth’s plane to return to Spirit. You are also All One with those still on the earth’s plane, lovers, family, friends, work colleagues, school friends, enemies, everyone. So how could you be so alone, so scared, so fearful, so lonely, feeling depressed when the room is full of all of Us Unseen Entities sending you love, healing and growth.

We send the love all ways and always, however, you are the one who has to stop the self-pity and simply do one thing to change your attitude from self-pity to an Attitude of Gratitude.

Before We show you how to simply do that one thing, let Us show you what self-pity really is.

O-Woe is me. I am feeling so sorry for myself! It wasn’t my fault, it just happened, okay so I took a chance and got caught out but it wasn’t that serious, not a big deal, and so on, and so on.

There is no such thing as co-incidence. Whatever happened to you (past tense) happened for a reason that, believe it or not, you called to yourself to occur so you could learn from it, for you to heal, grow and evolve on your Soul’s journey. So now accepting responsibility for what happened, you now have the ability to respond.

Do you respond with self-pity, or do you respond with no response, hoping it will go away on its own, or do you respond by taking responsibility and correcting the happening by apologizing, by restitution, by “doing the time for doing the crime”, or any other positive response so that you can AGEAlways Growing Evolving. By taking a positive response the healing, growing, evolving process can begin at physical, emotional and, most importantly, at Spiritual level.

So positive action is the one thing you can simply do.

Let Us now show you what continuing to lie in your bed, feeling alone, lonely, depressed, wallowing in self-pity is all about:


Self-pity is poisoning yourself with self-hate, “victim-hood”, anger and ensuring that you keep de-pressing yourself further down into your bed. No wonder you feel depressed, you are poisoning yourself with self-pity.

It’s time to start to take remedial action so you can simply shift from alone to All One, from loneliness and fear, from self-pity and poisoning yourself with fear – to love of being All One, to never feeling lonely again, to knowing how to simply shift from fear to love, from self-pity to an Attitude of Gratitude.

Seeing that you are alone right now, why don’t you use this opportunity to BE STILL instead of having your mind whirring and whirring on what has happened to you or what is going to happen to you in all likelihood, get “out of your mind” and Be Still And Know That I Am God (Lesson 14). Please re-read this lesson now as it is precisely for now that We gave you this lesson. Be Still And Know That I Am God.

When you have re-read this lesson, you should have come away with a feeling of knowing your Soul, feeling the part of God you really are, feeling that God is Love and you, as a part of God, are also Love.

The wonderful feeling that you now should have is one of Love.

Well, if you are feeling love, then you are feeling God, then you are feeling the part of God that you are, then you are feeling All One – no more alone, but All One.

When you are feeling All One, how can you be lonely, when you are feeling All One, how can you be depressed, when you are feeling All One, how can you be feeling self-pity? When you are feeling All One, then Love replaces fear in your life.

All it took was one simple step. From feeling alone, We asked you to use the opportunity of being alone to move to Be Still. By Being Still, your mind eventually stopped whirring back to the past and into the future and when it eventually stopped working it allowed you to enter the Now – the only time there ever is!

In the Now is where God is. By Being Still you came to know God and the part of you who is God, who is Love, is recognized. Now you are no longer alone but All One – your eternally natural state.

Your unnatural state is to be alone, lonely, depressed, full of self-pity. Your natural state is to be All One, to be coming from Soul, to be Love.

By learning, when alone, to Be Still And Know That I Am God, a miracle of transformation takes place in the Now you simply shift from alone to All One – to knowing Who You Really Are – a Soul, who is part of God, who is Love and now you know you are also Love – always and all ways.

ALL ONEAlways Light Love / Only No Ego

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