43. The See-Saw Of Balance

The Law of Balance states that when you are in balance you can heal, grow and evolve far more effectively. All your energy can be utilized for your desired intentions. When you are out of balance your energy is out of balance and cannot be effectively utilized for maximum performance.

A state of inner balance creates inner peace. When you have achieved this state of inner balance, remember it and use it as a reference point. This will increase your awareness of when you go out of balance so it can be corrected.

The Law of Balance can be applied by being aware of your imbalances.

To achieve and sustain balance start with your breathing. The rhythms of your inhaling and exhaling will determine your balance. Focus on your breathing and see how your emotions become better balanced.

Inner balance creating outer balance should be your desired state continually.

By starting with your breathing and focusing on taking in a breath and exhaling that breath with the same time duration for inhaling and exhaling, you can attain balance.

The only breath that has any significance is the breath you are taking now. You cannot take a breath yesterday and you cannot take a breath tomorrow. You can only take a breath in the only time there is – which is the present moment of now.

So now take a breath in for, say, 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds and do that continually to stay in balance now.

Feeling better balanced now?

Good, because We have a further balancing exercise for you, this time it’s visionary.

See yourself on a see-saw in a children’s playground. Are you up or are you down? Are you neither up nor down but perfectly balanced? If you are up or down, would you like to be perfectly balanced?

If your answer is yes, then We have a question for you.

Who is on the other side of the see-saw?
Who would you like to be in perfect balance with?
Who do you trust to keep you in perfect balance?

Now your answer is personal to you.
However, We would like to suggest a few “perfect balances”. In the physical realm, it could be your significant other in your relationship, your child, your sibling, your parent or grandparent, your boss, a co-worker, an employee, your religious leader, a teacher, a student, a fellow student, as a few examples.

In the Spiritual realm, it could be your perception of God, your Guide, your Angel, you Higher Self, or yourself.

Whomever you choose to be opposite you on the see-saw how are you going to treat them to ensure they continually maintain your perfect balance or equilibrium.

If you don’t treat them well what is stopping them getting off the see-saw – with you falling to the ground with a hard bump on your backside!

May We suggest you treat them with:

1. HONORHaving Only Now Offer Respect

2. RESPECTRecognize Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute

3. TRUTHTo Reach Unto The Heavens

4. TRUSTTo Rely Upon Spirit Totally

5. HOPEHaving Optimistic Positive Expectations

6. LOVELet Our Vibrations Evolve

7. LOVELet Our Vulnerability Emerge

If you want one catch all for all of these treatments then simply treat them with “What Would Love Do Now?”

Now if you were well treated by another continually with “What Would Love Do Now?” would you get off the see-saw?

If you would not, then why would they?

So once again We see the magic formula of moving from Ego to Soul, from unworthiness to worthiness, from fear to love by thinking, acting and doing “What Would Love Do Now?”

In this way you can remain in balance on the see-saw of your life. You can be in balance in your physical realm, in balance in your relationships, in balance in the spiritual realm, in balance in your health, in balance with your life. This balance will give you happiness and if you maintain it for lengthy periods you will experience bliss – which is happiness without a reason to be happy – simply blissful with your life in perfect balance.

Select the person, or Unseen Entity, whom you want to be opposite you on the see-saw, treat them continually with “What Would Love Do Now?” and ultimately achieve the Bliss of Balance in your life.

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