45. You Are GREAT!

GREATGive Responsible Emotional Attitude Time

In your greatness you remember Who You Really Are – a Spirit occupying a physical body on earth. This Spirit is part of God. God is Love. You are Love. When you remember and realize that you are Love then you can be in Bliss. Bliss is happiness without a reason to be happy, simply blissful from your inside, from your Soul, from the unconditional love inside of you, flowing like an ever-flowing fountain from your inside to your outside.

BLISSBeing Love In Sacred Space

Can you feel this greatness? Can you feel this Bliss? Can you feel this unconditional love inside of you? Can you feel the part of God that you really are?

Let Go and let God. Don’t create doubt about it. Doubt triggers fear, fear is what you have when you don’t have love. Fear cannot exist if you know love. Be love and trust the process. Have TRUSTTo Release Unto Spirit Totally and then To Rely Unto Spirit Totally. Know that God will give you what you need (not want) and when it is given, the timing is always perfect. Let Go and let God – but row away from the rocks!

You and God are co-Creators of your life. You have free will and choice. CHOICECourageously Helping One In Choosing Evolvement.

When you make a choice there is The Law of Cause and Effect and The Law of Karma with its resulting consequences which flow from these choices.

Know that if you Be Love and trust the process then you will be Bliss and feel your Greatness.

How can you Be Love. Well, it’s quite simple. Approach every thought, every choice, every decision, every word, every deed, every action with “What Would Love Do Now?”. Your belief system, your behavior, your attitude, your desire, your imagination, your expectancy, your vision must be focused on “Being Love” – “What Would Love Do Now?”

Simply “Be Love – and Trust the Process” to unfold like it should.

If you “Be Love” then you can Be in Love and you can become Beloved.

You can feel your Greatness when you “Be Love” when you come from Soul.

But you are only human most times and you forget Who You Really Are, a Spirit in a physical body. Most times you live in the illusion that you are a body with very infrequent Spiritual recollections.

When you come from EGOEdging God Out – your body’s wants take preference over your Spirit’s needs.

It is when you are being human that the usual mistakes and misfortunes occur. If you are in a good mood these mistakes and misfortunes might bounce off you with minimal impact on your attitude and belief system. However, if you are in a bad mood then these same mistakes and misfortunes will knock you off your feet! In a bad mood you cannot cope with these mistakes and misfortunes and you sink into an even worse mood believing you deserve these mistakes and misfortunes.

At this stage you are feeling unworthy and you expect mistakes and misfortunes to rain down on you. O-woe is me I only have “bad luck”!

It’s the same mistakes and misfortunes but when you are in a good mood, or having a good attitude you feel WORTHYWonder Of Realizing The Higher You.

In a bad mood, or with a bad attitude, you feel unworthy.

Perhaps now is a good time to remind you of what Attitude means: ATTITUDEApproaching The Tasks I Thank U Deity Every


Obviously if you remember that you could only have a good attitude by thanking God, you would only have a GREAT ATTITUDE – GRATITUDE.

Now if you had Gratitude – a Great Attitude – An Attitude of Gratitude (Lesson 39) then as you will see as you re-read this lesson you end up with:”Be Love” – say, do and act with one Attitude – “What Would Love Do Now?”

So there you have it! By changing your attitude you cannot be in a bad mood, or a bad attitude. The moment you remember that ATTITUDE means Approaching The Tasks I Thank U Deity Every time – you immediately thank God and your bad mood or bad attitude evaporates. Try really truthfully thanking God and see if you can stay in a bad mood or a bad attitude. It’s impossible – the moment you genuinely thank God, your Soul remembers its connection to God and a feeling of Godliness, or goodness enters into you.

By continually reminding yourself to “Be Love” a feeling of greatness enters into you and stays with you until you no longer believe or behave like “Be Love”. Thereafter you could become “good” or “bad” depending for how long you go in the intervals between “Being Love” and the choices that you make in these intervals.

Your natural state is being Great, Being Love, Coming from Soul, remembering Who You Really Are, a part of God, God is Love, you are Love.

The more you can remember and remain in this natural state the more you will experience your Greatness.

If you keep focused on your Greatness, then when the mistakes and misfortunes that occur in the physical plane, you call earth, come around you can brush them off as very minor issues. By seeing how great you really are how can little bumps in the road affect you?

With an Attitude of Gratitude you rise above temporary mistakes and misfortunes and keep focused on knowing Who You Really Are. Would God be put off by these mistakes and misfortunes? Then why should you? After all you are a part of God.

Know your Greatness – know how, at Soul level, how truly powerful you really are. With an Attitude of Gratitude you can truly know your Greatness at Soul level.

You are Great! You had better believe it!

How can you believe it? By living it!

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