4. Rage In A Relationship

Rage is a learnt response. Fear breeds Insecurities. Insecurities create Resentment. Resentment creates Anger. Anger boils over into Rage.

Rage explodes upon Provocation.

Provocation is triggered by Fear.

Fear > Insecurities > Resentment > Anger > Provocation >Rage!

And so the cycle turns and repeats itself over and over and over and over and…

What is the cause of the Fear that starts the Rage cycle?

Fear is the opposite of Love.

For Fear to be in existence, Love cannot be present!

For Fear to exist the Fear is the feeling of lack of Love.

Lack of Love can only come from the Ego.

The Ego is reacting defensively, protectively to a message it receives.

The Ego felt, heard, saw, thought and believed that it was not being loved.

Ego’s response was to shut down its vulnerability by protecting itself.

The protection can take many forms, sometimes many simultaneously.

From an impenetrable shell of emotional protection to a dissociation of persona –

to another type of personality – and many other forms in between.

Ego’s reaction to feeling insecure from lack of Love is to create

Resentment, then Anger which boils over into Rage upon Provocation.

Rage has to be taught to be unlearnt by

Replacing Fear with Love.

Showing Love, verbalizing feelings of Love.

Physical affections expressing Love.

Expressing Love by acting to the other in the relationship how you would like to be treated – in Love.

Expect surprise, expect negative reaction, expect rejection.

Go past your Ego, become vulnerable, expose your emotions.

Keep expressing your Love for your significant other.

Eventually the light of your Love will replace

the darkness of Fear of your significant other.

If they cannot deal with your light, they will move away!

Either way, you will have been healed.

Your Fear will have been replaced with you allowing Love to enter you.

Your Love will find a willing person who will respond with Light and Love.

If not your current significant other, than someone else more deserving of your Love.

You can only heal what you can feel!

Feelings are the language of your Soul.

Your Soul is part of God.

God is Love.

Your Soul is Love.

Your Ego arises from Fear.

What do you choose now?

Love or Fear?

Soul or Ego?

Be Love!

Be in Love!

Feel Beloved!

Choose Love!

Say “What would Love do now?”

And think and act accordingly.

Rage is a learnt response.

It can be unlearnt through replacing Fear with Love.

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