3. Do Not Give It a Life

What is “It” that is making you feel angry / sad / unhappy / mad / depressed / fearful / bad about?

What has happened to you in the past that you have allowed to affect you so badly?

What really hurts? Your pride? Your feelings about what you did to yourself, or someone else? Your feelings about what was done to you?

Where do those feelings really hurt you? In your mind? In your body? Where?

What is your ego telling you about what has happened to you?

What is your ego telling you to do about it?

How is your ego protecting you from this hurt and from being hurt again?

Where do you want to be with this anger / sadness / unhappiness / madness / fearfulness / bad feeling – now? Tomorrow? Next Tuesday? Next month? Next year? The year after that? Five years after that? Forever?

Do you feel you were a victim and this was done to you and it’s so unfair and I’m hurting badly and I’ll never get over it?

Are you happy to make “It”, the cause and effect of this unhappiness, a part of your life – now, for a month, a year, five years, or forever? Where would you like to keep “It” alive? In your mind? In what part of your body would you like to store away this unhappiness?

– this ill at ease, this dis-ease? Where would you like this disease to be located in your body?

Are you now ready not to make “It” part of your life?

Are you really ready to accept “what is now” rather than “what was then?”

Can you accept the fact that “It” was created by you to bring you healing and evolvement so you can grow and ultimately find unconditional self-love and peace of mind?

The trick of dealing with “It” is to starve “It” by not giving “It” a life. Deprive “It” of oxygen. Do not talk about “It”. Do not think about “It”. Accept “It” as a blessing in disguise.

When “It” re-appears in your mind, triggered by a memory say “thank you for reminding me to stay in the present moment of now – to accept “what is now” and not “what was then” or “what it will be like in the future.”

Can you now forgive the person, or yourself, who did “It” to you?

Can you now thank the person, or yourself, who did “It” to you?

Can you now have understanding, compassion, empathy and forgiveness toward this person, or yourself, for doing “It” to you?

Can you now thank this person, or yourself, for enabling “It” to change your life, to give you freedom of choice of thought, creating a new reality, to enable you to heal, grow and evolve so you can eventually find unconditional self-love and find peace of mind?

Everything happens for the best – it is merely a function of time – it isn’t always apparent at the time “It” occurs.

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