2. Worthy Of Love?

You are Love.

You were conceived as an act of lovemaking.

You are part of God – God is part of you.

God is Love.

You are Love.

What happened to you that made you accept the mistaken fact that you are not worthy of love?

What rejection, what unasked for influence, what non-acceptance told you “You are not worthy of love?”

What have you done to yourself to re-enforce this mistaken fact from which you have created your belief that “You are not worthy of love?”

What stumbling blocks have you placed in your own way to re-enforce the mistaken belief that “I am not worthy of being loved, of knowing love, of being in love?”

Who have you rejected? Whose advances have you spurned? When love presented itself in so many forms what did you throw up in love’s face to discourage its advance?

How many times have you done things you now regret to gain approval, to gain acceptance, to manipulate, to control, to avoid rejection, to create self-inflicted wounds? To justify to yourself – “I am not worthy of love?”

How many times have you said to yourself “love is a myth, love is for books, poems, stories, movies and songs? No one knows love. Look at how many divorces, extra marital affairs and unhappy marriages are out there – love does not exist!”

And yet you listened to love songs, watched T.V., watched movies, read books and poems of love to see if you could find what love was. You never really gave up hope on love – although your thoughts and actions reinforced your mistaken belief that “love is a myth”.

What would you now give to discover that you are worthy of love?

What would you do now if you could know love?

What would you do now if you could be love?

What would you do now if you could be loved?

What would you do now if you could be in love?

Firstly recognize the defenses you have placed around yourself to protect you from knowing love.

These land mines of defense, that warn other people who would show you love, need to be identified and labeled.

These signs that read “I am too busy”, “I am very happy being on my own”, “I’ve got my work”, “I am addicted to _ _ _ _ _ _” (fill in the blanks) are some examples.

Other examples are, too much alcohol, too many drugs, too much adrenaline adventure, too many secrets, too much illness, too much sex, not enough lovemaking, too much exercise, too much sport, too much T.V. watching, too much love for animals and not enough for people – too much escaping reality, etc., etc., etc..

Secondly, having identified and labeled your defenses it’s time to dismantle them one by one. If you really want love to find a way to you, you need to remove these defenses, these land mines, so love can get through to you.

Thirdly, when you feel naked and alone without any defenses then BE SILENT. Be very still and start to communicate with love. Start a relationship with love. “Hello Love, how are you? Allow me to introduce myself, I am – – – – (your name). I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you.”

I am now ready to acknowledge that you are real and that you exist – within me.

I am ready to acknowledge that I was conceived in love.

I am ready to acknowledge that I am a part of God – and God is a part of me.

I am ready to acknowledge that God is love – that I am love.

I am love, I know love, I can be love, I can be loved and I can be in love.

If I am love then I can feel love inside of me.

Feelings are the language of my soul.

My soul feels love.

How do I know that my soul feels love?

Well, I remember how it felt when I knew, mistakenly, that I was not worthy of love.

That empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

That empty black hole inside of me that could never be filled no matter what I did to fill it.

I was operating from EGOEdging God Out.

My ego created my defenses – my addictions, my land mines,

my feelings of unworthiness.

My ego created my defenses that kept love out.

I felt terrible, but camouflaged it well – very well indeed.

I was convinced no one knew how I really felt.

My ego even managed to convince me, from time to time, that I was happy not knowing love.

But now – now that I am allowing love into my life,

Now that I have stripped away my defenses,

Now that I am being true to myself,

I feel love starting to grow inside of me.

My soul has taken over from my ego.

My soul is enabling me to like myself and for this feeling of “like” to grow into love.

When I feel I love myself then I will be ready to relate this love to another.

When I can relate this feeling of my love within me to another, then I can have a love relationship.

If I don’t love myself and enter into a love relationship with another, it is not love but dependency I am achieving.

Being dependent on the love of another for my happiness is simply swapping one dependency for another.

That is not love but dependency. If and when that person goes away, their love goes with them.

If I love myself then I am happy to share that love with another who has their own love inside themselves.

The synergy of our two loves for ourselves can create a new love of one another.

If, and when, that person goes, your love of yourself remains intact and although the loss of your mutual love is felt very deeply, you still have your love of yourself to lean on and then to build on.

The secret of being love, knowing love, being loved, and being in love is simple. Approach every thought and every action with one statement: “What would Love do now?”

If you should doubt this, think about how your life was before you accepted love into it. Your previous thoughts and actions were lived in self-protection with one statement “What would Ego do now?”

There is unlimited opportunity for you now to be love, know love, being loved and to be in love. Simply think, ask and do “what would Love do now?” And you are also asking “what would God do now?

God is Love

You are part of God – God is part of you.

You are Love.

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