Some people with Souls of pure Love behave in such a way that they belie being called human beings. Sometimes they behave in a way that would disgust animals! Or so it seems from what We hear people say about their ex-friends, ex-Lovers, ex-spouses, about people who have offended, attacked and abused them, such as criminals, gangsters and the like.

What some people do to other people causes fear, anger, hatred and malice to build up inside of those people. Sometimes that negative energy turns inwards and temporarily, or permanently, creates ill health in the affected person’s physical body and, even, in their mental stability.

This fear, anger, hatred and malice dominates the affected party so much that their life gets so turned around, it poisons them substantially. The Love and Light that is inherent in the affected party gets submerged with layer after layer of black cloths as described in lesson 2. The part of God inside of them, its Light, the Love, inherent inside of them is completely covered over and only their fear, anger, hatred and malice are evident.

The attacker may be well gone, maybe even unaware of the person that has been so severely affected by their actions.

There is a story relevant here about two religious men who took vows never to touch a woman in their lives. One day at the banks of a swiftly flowing river a woman was nervously pacing up and down, very concerned about crossing the river and being swept downstream. The two religious men approached the woman and one said, “May I carry you across the river on my back?” To which she agreed. They all successfully crossed the river and having gently placed the woman on her feet on the ground the men walked on.
The other religious man went on and on, hour after hour, about how the gallant man broke his vows and touched a woman. After a few hours of this the patient, gallant, religious man said, “How many miles back did I put that woman down?” To which the other man said, “About 10 miles back.” To which the first man said, “You have not put her down yet!”

So it is with fear, anger, hatred and malice. It’s time to put the other person down in your mind. They may have hurt you physically but you are torturing yourself mentally and damaging yourself via ill health, through emotional blockages which may manifest in severe bodily ailments later on in your life.

Are they worthy of continually damaging you so much for so long? They are occupying your mind and not paying rent there!

How to let go of this fear, anger, hatred and malice. There are two ways, one is spiritual and the other one psychological. A combination of both may be required.

Psychologically you can’t forgive someone until you have understood why they did what they did to you.
By understanding how this soul of pure Love could themselves become so full of fear, anger, hatred and malice that they attacked and abused you is a first step towards your healing process of yourself.

It is likely that this person was severely negatively affected as a child. Deprived of necessary Love from one or both parents, bullied by a sibling, parent or another person, neglected by people responsible for nurturing this child. This child was never told, or certainly never reminded, that they are a part of God, that they have Love and Light inside of them. That they are Love.

This type of person behaved as if they had a hammer permanently clenched in their fist and every problem was a nail to be beaten into submission. They argued, ranted, raved, gave adversaries the full treatment, even the silent treatment. Everyone was against them, no one Loved them, everyone was the enemy.
Love was totally absent although that’s only what they really wanted. They only wanted Love and acceptance, however their low self-esteem and low self-worth reinforced that they were not worthy of Love and acceptance so they took the aggressive approach “to gain respect” instead of the Love and acceptance they really craved for.
Their craving became the love of Power while they really needed the Power of Love.

Now you are going to be challenged with the greatest power that you have and whether you will use it or not.
This greatest power that you have is the power to change your mind about hating this person.

Remember – Power means Present Only when Ego is Removed.

Now that you may have an understanding of the negativity foisted upon this person, probably as a child, you can start to understand why they behaved in the way they did towards you.

However, you must also draw clear boundaries of what is, and is not, considered by you to be acceptable behavior by this person.

Thereafter hopefully from this understanding of their past conditioning can come forgiveness from you. You can forgive them in your new found understanding of their behavior. You can certainly forgive yourself for inflicting so much poison into yourself through this fear, hatred, anger and malice towards the other person.

Perhaps from this understanding and forgiveness you can stop the anger and hatred you have for them. You may even find something to admire and like about the person if you really get to know them better and providing they respect your boundaries of acceptable behavior.

Maybe as you remember that you are a part of God, that God is Love and that you are Love you can become more loving in your approach to life and to people in your life.
Maybe a miracle can occur and you can extend that Love to everyone including the person who initially attacked you.
If you can find that Love inside of you to extend Love to your attacker then you will be completely healed from this incident.
If you can’t find that Love available to your attacker and you want the fear, anger, hatred and malice to continue, please decide now what part of your physical body that you want this hatred to infect first. Do you want your heart, liver, lungs, blood stream, back, spine, eyes, ears, speech, to be adversely affected? Whatever part you unconsciously choose will be where the real unresolved hatred spreads illness to first.

It’s your choice for a healthier life – Fear or Love.

So much for the psychological approach now for the spiritual approach – prepare for a rough landing!

You chose your attacker!
Quick duck – here come another pot hurled at Us!
What, are you crazy! I chose to be attacked – are You off your head?!

As a Soul in spirit your job is to come back to earth in a physical body of your choosing, to parents and family and friends of your choosing, in a location of your choosing, so that you can attend to karmic rebalancing of your Soul for its growth, for your Soul Group’s sake and for God’s sake – so God can experience everything to be God.

In this Soul contract you chose, you required to experience, inter alia, being attacked so you could experience the feeling of being attacked and, most importantly, the karmic rebalancing your Soul, Soul Group and God required, to change the hatred you felt for your attacker to one of extending Love to your attacker through a process of healing and karmic rebalancing.

Once that had been achieved that part of your Soul contract was concluded and you could then grow faster towards the Light, God, which is the ultimate objective of Soul’s growth.

Your attacker, a member of your Soul group, very bravely volunteered to be the “bad” guy. For their actions they had to handle being abused by society as a murderer, rapist, general low life, etc. This certainly took courage to agree to a life of being rejected by society, abused by society and probably being put in prison for a long time. What bravery, what courage, what Soul mate unconditional Love. What a friend! What Love did they agree to show you to agree to be your “whipping boy/girl!”

If you understand this “Bigger Picture” you can start to understand why We continually say do not judge anything until you can see the “Bigger Picture” that We can see. Do not judge full stop. There is no “good” or “bad”. Everything is “good”, it’s simply a matter of timing until you experience that – either in the physical or in the spiritual.

Everything that happens occurs for your Soul’s growth. God will only give you everything you need (not want) for the growth of your Soul. TRUST (To Release Unto Spirit Totally and then To Rely Upon Spirit Totally) the process, trust God’s timing which is always perfect, stay in the Now and Be Love all ways and always.

Think, act, do and say “What Would Love do Now?” in every present moment of Now.

Having understood, from a psychological perspective, the need to understand so you can forgive your attacker and, hopefully, give them Love; from a spiritual viewpoint your attacker, your courageous, loving Soul Mate requires only Love in exchange for the Love they contractually agreed to show you and take society’s consequential blame.

So We trust We have illustrated to you how to turn hate for someone into Love.

It’s your choice – Fear or Love.
Choose Love for the Love of yourself, your Soul, your Soul Group and for the sake of God’s Love inside of you – always and all ways.

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