To recap you have Ego and Soul.
Ego is fear based.
Soul is Love based.
There are only two emotions – Fear or Love.

Fear is created by anxiety which is caused by anticipating some future event which has yet to occur. This event may also have its roots in the past which evokes anxious memory retention of projecting the past event into the future.
Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real.

Love is ever present. Love comes from God who is Love. You are a part of God. You are also therefore Love at your core. God only exists in the present moment of Now because that’s all there ever is, in each moment of Now, followed by another moment of Now, and so on. Only the Now is real, the past and the future cannot exist in the Now, therefore they are illusionary Now, they are unreal in the Now.

To prove this point take a breath Now. Now take a breath yesterday. Now take a breath tomorrow. The only breath you can take is in this present moment of Now. That’s the only real time that exists – Now! So if God only exists in the Now then Love can only exist in the Now.

To live in the Now is to know the Love of your Soul, which is part of God, who is Love. To be in the Now is to be part of God, to come from your Source, from Being, from Light, from Love.

So when you live in the Now, you are Love, God-like, knowing Bliss, Peace, Abundance and so much more of pure goodness.

To live in the Now is to accept the present moment of Now as it is, surrendering to it in acceptance of what is Now.

Now is not only what is happening Now. In this moment of Now there is a deep space. In this deep space, not only what is evident is happening. For example, there may be a knock at the door. Fear could fill you with anxiety of whether it’s an enemy, the rent collector, the Court appointed official to repossess your furniture, or the hope of it being the lottery’s agent with your winnings, the attractive neighbor from the down the road or your child back safe from a journey.

Love would say there is a knock on the door this moment. Accept it, surrender to it with Love in your heart. Next moment look through the peephole to establish who it is. Next moment deal with the person when opening the door. Next moment accept what it is, surrender to it, embrace it in Love, knowing God will give you what you need when you need it (not want it). If it is “bad” news look for the opportunity for your Soul to grow towards the Light, towards God. If it is “good” news look for the opportunity for your Soul to grow towards the Light, towards God. In both instances answer the knock with “What Would Love Do Now?”
TRUST – To Release Unto Spirit Totally and then To Rely Upon Spirit Totally.
Trust God’s timing it is always perfect for you.
Trust the process God has intended for your Soul’s growth to unfold as it should.
Stay in the Now.
Be Love.

In this moment of a knock on the door in this deep space so many other things are happening not evident to you.
The earth is revolving around the sun.
The tide is either coming in or out.
Your body is processing millions of things keeping it alive and working perfectly.
Flowers are growing towards the sun.
God is aligning everything you need for your Soul’s growth.
O and don’t forget there is also a knock on the door.

In this deep space the intelligence inherent in the Universe is at work and it is at work in you as well.
You are not simply the response to the knock at the door.
You are not your reactions, your responses, your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, your experience, your expectations, your perceptions, even your heartbeat.
You are the totality of the deep space of this moment of Now.
You are Part of God.
God is Love.
God is Everything, All that Is.
You are part of Everything, All that Is.
God is Eternal.
You are Eternal.
What could possibly happen to God now?
What could possibly happen to You now?
It can happen to your physical body, to your life’s situation in the physical, but it can’t happen to You, You are eternal, undamageable, all knowing.
You are Part of God.
You are invincible because God is invincible.
You are your Soul not your body.
So what does it matter who is at the door knocking?
Accept it, surrender to it and know whatever happens it can only be for the growth of your Soul.
Accept it with an attitude of gratitude.
Learn to accept, to live in the Wisdom of Uncertainty and the Wisdom of Insecurity, there are unlimited opportunities for growth in uncertainty and insecurity providing you –
Trust this process to unfold as it should.
Stay in the Now.
Be Love in every thought, word, action and belief.

Now you know Who You Are, what is there to fear in uncertainty, and in insecurity?
Why have Fear based anxiety?
You are Invincible,
You are Eternal,
You are Part of God.
God is Love.
That’s Who You Are – You are Love!

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