FEAR occurs when your mind creates anxiety that something MIGHT happen in the future. When your mind takes you from the Now into the future you are no longer attached to the reality that is happening Now.

This process of uncertainty of the future, this anxiety of a possible outcome in the future, this extreme concern of unknown proportions and ramifications on your life in the future is your Ego controlled mind enjoying the love of Power over you.

Your EGO (Edging God Out) is a fragile, vulnerable, insecure beast living inside your mind and pulling your emotional strings like a Puppet Master of note.

Your Ego, especially if you have a large one, is like a shiny glass globe. It dominates your mind by feeding it thoughts about your identity created by your past and the promise of your future, whether it is a promise of hope or despair. Your Ego controls your mind, swinging between the past memory and the anticipation of the future.
For as long as your thoughts are kept in the past, or in the future, your Ego can keep you away from the Now – the only real time there is, is Now. All other time is unreal. The past is not happening Now and the future is not happening Now.

Now is all there is and all there ever will be. Nothing ever happened exactly in the past that is happening right Now and nothing will ever happen exactly in the future that is happening right Now.

Your life is only Now. You may never experience the next moment in the physical if your physical life in your body stops Now. Does the past matter at all if that should happen? Only your current heartbeat is important.

Your life is only Now!

If you truly knew, believed and consciously experienced that the only moment is the present moment of Now, then you would know that God only exists in the Now.

If the only real time is Now, where else could God be in time but in the present moment of Now. Well, if God, who is Love, is only in the present moment of Now, then Love is only available in the present moment of Now. Your connection to Love is via your Soul, which is a part of God, and encompasses Love and Light.

So the only way to connect to your Soul is in the Now.
If, and when, you connect to your Soul, you will know bliss of Pure Love for that moment.
This feeling of the bliss of Pure Love is the most wonderful of all feelings as feelings are the language of your Soul.

When you are in the Now you have the key to freedom. Freedom brings enjoyment. When you are truly enjoying yourself – in the joy of yourself – when you experience Love, you do not need your Ego because you then know God’s Love. EGO (Edging God Out) is based on fear and wants to control your mind to feel its importance in your life. When you know Love, God’s Love inside of you in the present moment of Now, what do you need your fear based Ego for at all.

That is why there are only two emotions – Love (in the Now) and Fear (in the past or the future).

The Ego is very fragile and very threatened and being like a large glass globe knows how easily it can be damaged, broken and shattered into tiny pieces of nothingness. No wonder Ego is fear based. It sees its total annihilation every time you choose Love in every present moment of Now.

Conversely, Love is eternal, it is always present in every present moment of Now. Love can never be annihilated, it is eternal as God is eternal because God is Love. Love’s opposite, fear, is temporary, it can only exist in the anxiety space created when your Ego manipulates your mind to visit the past or the future.

This anxiety space is not real, it is illusionary, and is kept alive by the feeling of fear based uncertainty by the Ego.

Fear knows that if you stay in the Now you can cope with your life’s issues because you are connecting to the Power of Love and everything is possible. When you experience the Power of Love, fear, Love’s opposite, evaporates into nothingness, it’s the death of fear.

For fear to remain alive it knows it has to take your mind back into your past and into the uncertainty and anxiety of the future and keep you there.

FEAR controls you through the love of Power.
LOVE evolves you through the Power of Love.

The only real power you need is the Power to Change Your Mind.
POWER – Present Only When Ego is Removed.
You no longer have to live in fear by living in the anxiety space of the future.
You can stay in the present moment of Now and experience God’s Love inside of you.

You can do this by learning to TRUST.
To Release Unto Spirit Totally, and then
To Rely Upon Spirit Totally.

By learning to “Let Go and Let God” you develop this TRUST.

Thereafter, by learning to Trust God’s Timing, which is always perfectly timed to give you what you need (not want) for the growth of your Soul towards the Light/God, you will increase your ability to TRUST.

So there you have it. Fear no longer has to hold you in a vice-like grip. Fear no longer scares you. By living in the Now you have dispensed with Fear and know only Love.

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