9. Being Out Of Your Mind Successfully

Your mind is controlled by your Ego. Your Ego can only survive by reminding you of your past and projecting hope or despair into the future.

Your Ego controls and manipulates you through your mind. Conversely, accessing your Soul, the part of God that you are, can only be achieved in the Now.

God is Love, you are part of God, you are Love. The Love that you are is mirrored by your Soul. Your Soul is Love and your Ego is Fear.

You can only access your Soul, the Love that you are, when you stay in the Now. That is because there is only Now, no other time exists. Your mind-controlled Ego keeps you away from the Now and can only exist in the fear of the past and of the future. Your mind-controlled Ego is very clever, and manipulative. It fuels your hope and/or despair when dealing with your possible future.

The million-dollar question is, of course, how to stay in the Now. Most animals do it instinctively. To survive, they have to keep focussed in the Now to ensure they are not eaten and to ensure that they can eat and survive. The animal food chain is very predatory and staying in the Now is essential for survival.

To learn to be more conscious of staying in the Now, be conscious of your own heartbeat. Right now, with your right hand, place your fingers over your heart and feel your own heartbeat.

The only heartbeat that has any consequences is your current heartbeat. The heartbeat that you felt a second ago does not exist any-more. The heartbeat that you are going to feel in a few seconds time may never occur!

The only heartbeat that has any importance right now is your current heartbeat.

By being aware of your current heartbeat is the starting point to being in the Now.

When you are conscious of being in the Now, you can be conscious of your Soul and of coming from Love. You may even say that in the Now you are a human being, being conscious of being part of God.

Conversely, when your mind controller, Fear manipulated Ego, is driving you by taking your focus away from the Now, into the past and into the future then you are a human doing, doing unconsciously, what fear-based Ego wants you to do.

To be consciously in your current heartbeat of Now you have to know that God/Love/Soul only exists in the Now, not in the past and not in the future.

If God/Love/Soul only exists in the Now, then when you are in the Now know that God is with you, you are coming from Love and Soul has taken over from Ego.

In this current heartbeat of Now, know that God will give you everything you need (not want!) for the continual growth of your Soul. You may want a new car but you may need to have an accident to learn a lesson for your Souls growth in terms of The Bigger Picture of your life.

Conversely, you may want to feel despair after a relationship breakup but you may need a pet to learn to love something again. You will get what you need when you need it. Gods timing is always perfect if you learn to TRUST To Release Unto Spirit Totally and To Rely Unto Spirit Totally.

With this knowledge, belief and trust that God will give you what you need, when you need it, you can now willingly stay in the current heartbeat of Now without fear of what will show up.

Only your mind-controlled Ego can introduce Fear to you by reminding you of the past and projecting this Fear into the future.

To stay in the current heartbeat of Now, to trust that God will give you whatever you need in every present moment of Now is to accept this ultimate truth into your life. How peaceful you can become now knowing all you have to do is to stay consciously in the current heartbeat of Now, fully accept that God will give you everything you need for your higher spiritual growth and simply surrender to being in Gods Light and Gods Love in this present moment of Now.

By accepting this Ultimate Truth and surrendering to Gods will for you, in Love, you can comfortably be Out of Your Mind!

With your mind-controlled Ego creating Fear it is far more preferable to stay consciously in the current heartbeat of Now, accepting that God is with you Now, in Love, and surrendering to the knowledge that God will give you what you need Now for your higher spiritual growth.

By letting go and letting God into your life Now you can comfortably be Out of Your Mind because your mind-controlled Ego only knows Fear not Love.

By being Out of Your Mind you learn to Trust the Process, Stay in the Now and Be Love (Lessons 46, 47 and 48 in the Book of Evolving Relationships).

By Being Out of Your Mind you consciously allow yourself to flow unhindered into where you need to be. Your mind is not limiting you, by being Out of Your Mind anything, and everything, is now possible.

Now you can expect a MIRACLE May I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving.

To successfully Be Out of Your Mind, stay in your current heartbeat of Now, accept that God is Love and will give you what you need Now for the highest growth of your Soul and surrender to Gods will for you by letting go and letting God.

By Trusting the Process, Staying in the Now and Being Love you can be a human being, the part of God you really are and you can successfully stay Out of Your Mind.

Now watch your life flow successfully lovingly.

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