8. Where Do Your Feelings Go

You are happy, life is going great for you. You have met someone special, a Soul-mate, you think. In your euphoria you both fall in love, get married, settle down in happiness and you feel the happiest you have ever felt.

One day, one very emotionally dark day, infidelity strikes and your marriage is over.

Now you feel angry, bitter, resentful.

Where did your happy feelings go?

Did they simply evaporate into thin air? Did they transmute from happiness into sadness? Are they still around somewhere? Are they gone for now or forever?

Where did your feelings go?

Firstly, We have to differentiate between a feeling and an emotion at Soul level. You sense a feeling but you experience an emotion.

If as you have been told by Us on numerous occasions, including on this website, Guidespeak.com, that Feelings are the Language of the Soul then feelings can only relate to one thing that is Love at Soul level.

If We are All One, if God is All there is, if God is Love, then there is only One anything God/Love/Spirit/Soul.

So, if feelings are the language of the Soul, and if the Soul is part of God, and if God is Love, then Soul can only be Love. If the language that Soul speaks is Love, then feelings must only be Love.

Well if the only thing that feelings are, is Love, because Love is all there is, then what about all those other feelings?

The feelings of hate, joy, hope, despair, courage, anger, etc., etc.

If Love is the only true feeling, at Soul level, then all the other so-called feelings must be emotions, at Soul level.

If, as We said earlier, a feeling must be sensed and an emotion experienced, then the feeling of hate, joy, hope, despair, courage, anger, etc., etc. cannot, at Soul level, be a feeling but must be rather considered an emotion.

If We go back to the beginning of this lesson, to the example of a couple experiencing happiness, love and marriage then infidelity, despair and divorce and We asked Where did the feeling go?

This may sound difficult to believe but if the true feeling of unconditional love was present, rather than the emotion of happiness, fulfilment, contentment, security, physical warmth, emotional security then that true feeling of unconditional love would not have allowed despair and divorce to follow infidelity.

The true feeling of unconditional Love would have been one of total empathy, compassion, understanding, forgiving, forgetting and healing. If unconditional Love was truly present in both parties, the infidelity could never have occurred in the first place (See Lesson 17 The Book of Evolving Relationships I’ll Never Find Another Love Like That!

So, the question needs to be repeated now: Where did your emotions go? because your true feelings of unconditional Love cannot disappear.

Emotions bloom, fade, explode, intensify, and so much more. Emotions are experienced then they go. The true feeling of unconditional Love cannot go away, only emotions can come and go.

If you have feelings for someone, or something, that feeling can only be unconditional Love if it is a true feeling. Unconditional Love is everything, including complete forgiveness.

If your feelings are not Love then they are not true feelings, at Soul level, but emotions and emotions cover everything but unconditional Love.

Whilst unconditional Love is a utopian state We want to encourage you to stretch yourself towards reaching it. The magic formula is, as always, What would Love do now?

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