10. The Day Of Inter-Dependence – July 4

Firstly, there is dependence, then independence, followed by interdependence.

When you are born, you are wholly dependent on your mother to feed you, clean you, clothe you and protect you.

As you enter your teenage years, you strive for independence from your mother, and father. You still need them to provide for you but you want to be your own person. The more you were made to be dependent on them the more determined you will be to be your own person, to seek your independence.

If you are fortunate, sometime in your life, you may feel truly whole within yourself. You may feel that you do not need someone else, or something else, to complete you. You will not be dependent on someone, or something, to complete you. You will not feel half waiting for your better half to complete you. You will be whole, wholly independent on your own. You will be complete within yourself. You will now be independent, not only of your parents, but of everyone and everything.

When you are truly selfsufficient, truly not dependent on anyone or anything to complete you, you evolve to true independence.

Independence is a lonely place to be, but it’s very important to be alone so you can eventually proceed to be All One, however We are getting ahead of ourselves here.

When you have become independent, alone and perhaps even lonely, you have marshalled all of your strengths inside of you. You can now go within to discover Who You Really Are.

When you go within you can Be Silent and Know That I am God (Lesson 14 The Book of Evolving Relationships)

At this time you can start to realize you are never alone. We are always with you. We are also Part of God. God is Love and We are Love. If you truly know We are always, and all ways, with you, you no longer have to live in fear. Allow Us to guide you, We are, after all, your Guides!

If you TRUST To Release Unto Spirit Totally and then To Rely Unto Spirit Totally and you can be in the Present Moment of Now, then you will feel Our Love and you can Become Love. You can stay in the Now by thinking, saying and doing What Would Love Do Now?

If you are Being Love how long do you think you will be alone for? People will flock to you as you radiate Being Love. They will re member, at Soul level, that they are also Love. You will remind them by your loving presence that they are also Love, Part of God, Who is Love.

Now your remain independent but never lonely, no longer alone, but you start to remember We Are All One, in the physical and in the Spiritual planes.

You move from independent to All One.

Now you can attract someone into your life who is equally independent and, hopefully, someone who has also experienced being All One.

Your independence and their independence creates two complete circles of independence side by side. When these two circles intertwine as they come together, the areas of overlapping creates a synergistic energy whereby 1+1=3.

This synergistic energy is called Interdependence.

You can both separate from each other, each remaining whole, and you can come together, at any time, creating the synergistic interdependence, at will.

By moving from dependency, to independency, to interdependency you can experience that We, all of Us in Spirit and all of you in the physical are All One, all Part of God. As God is Love, so We are all Love, so all of you are Love, so you are Love and so is the person now sharing your sacred space, interdependently of, and with, you.

Now that you understand that at a personal level, We now explain to you that there are other animate, and inanimate, beings and objects that you share interdependence with.

The animals, plants, minerals, vegetables, insects, reptiles, structures, water, fire and all other forms of energy are your other partners in interdependence.

You interact, at an energy level, with everything around you. Your oxygen is exchanged for trees carbon dioxide. The animals, vegetables and minerals you use and consume become part of you, and your waste products of carbon dioxide, perspiration, urine, etc., etc., go back into the earth feeding and supplying life energy to other animate and inanimate objects.

As it is with you and other animate and inanimate objects, so it is with countries. Countries are interdependent on each other. Adjoining countries share the same air, water, fire and other forms of energy. Countries at the opposite ends of the earth share plague, war, feast and famine. Today, with your advanced communications, the world is truly a small place. The ability to infect the internet with a hackers virus sweeps across continents like a plague. A dictator, or so-called responsible governments, collectively have their finger on a button that could subject a substantial number of countries to nuclear devastation.

Each country is either dependent, independent or interdependent on other countries for its survival, growth and evolvement.

As people grow and evolve spiritually through AGE Always Growing Evolving, so do countries.

May the 4th of July be a reminder to all those controlling the power of each country that is striving for independence to be aware of all the interconnectivity with everyone, and everything. May the 4th of July be a day of conscious awareness of the fragility, importance and vitality of life on the physical plane of existence you know as earth, the place you currently call home.

Each of you can now be consciously aware of your need to move from dependency, to independency, to interdependency while being consciously aware that We Are All One, in Spirit and in the physical.

We are all Part of God, God is Love, We are Love, You are Love.

Only fear harms us, only Love heals.

Be Love in every present moment of Now.

Be Love, be loving and be in love with Love its Who You Really Are.

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