9. BEE

Balance, Prosperity, Community, Communication, Fertility, Action

Balance: Bee is for balance. Sweetness creator with a sting if it is unfairly robbed of its produce. A bee works hard and reminds you to also enjoy the honeypots of life.

Prosperity: Bees produce the sweetness of life and through its productivity and work ethic creates prosperity. This prosperity benefits everyone and everything because while natures growth cycle is in spring it’s the bee who helps create spring. By pollinating flowers through transferring pollen via its leg fibers from one flower to another as it visits these flowers to collect nectar to make honey, a fertilization process is put into motion.

Community: Bees have very organized community lifestyles with the queen bee, the drones and worker bees. Bees are similar to ants in their organizational and constructive processes. Does your community structure work as well?

Communication: Bees, like ants, have excellent communication between members of the community hive. How are your communication skills?

Fertility : The bee has a very important role in the pollination and fertilization process of plant life. Will your life improve if you fertilize relationships with others in sweetness creating honey pots of life.

Action: The bees ability to fly with a body that is too large for its tiny wings is a function of very high speed wing action. The bees high productivity rate shows that any dream can be achieved with constructive focussed action.

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