Builders, Blessings, Teamwork, Preparedness,

Provider, Alternative Avenues, Dreams

Builders: Beavers are masterful at building dams and homes. They are architects, engineers and builders of note. Do you need to start building or rebuilding something?

Blessings: Beavers teeth continue to grow until death. If a beaver did not chew continually, its teeth would get too large and it would not be able to eat and survive. That which you have been endowed with use well. Do not ignore your blessings; it might be the death of you!

Teamwork : Felling trees is done through teamwork. While one beaver works at chewing, another one keeps watch while resting before its turn comes to chew at the tree. Beaver couples and families are close and work together. Who can you partner with for better results?

Preparedness: Trees, which are felled, are often stored in the dam created by beavers. These trees provide food throughout winter. Are you preparing for a possible winter in your life?

Provider: Beavers provide opportunities for others. The space left from the trees that are felled by beavers enable grass, bush and other vegetation to grow in their place allowing other animals and insects to survive. Beaver dams create ponds and when the beaver leaves this home, the dam wall eventually breaks, the water is allowed to flow again, leaving fertile silt behind for farmers to plant crops.

Alternative Avenues: Beaver homes are a network of intricate channels. This enables the beavers to escape when threatened and avoid being captured or trapped. This allows you to open up new ways to resolve issues and bridge ways to connect with others.

Dreams: Beavers are associated with water, which signifies emotions and dreams. You can make your dreams become a reality if you apply action like a beaver.

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