Mystical, Sing, Loners, Replenish, Grounded, Assuredly, Mystical

Mystical: Blackbirds hold the energies of mysticism, magic and other worldliness. If a blackbird enters your space you may need to look at, or for, your mystical, magical powers.

Sing : The male blackbird is renowned for its loud, distinctive, melodious song during breeding season with a flute sounding quality.

Loners : Blackbirds are shy and prefer their own company. They fiercely protect their own territory driving off any other blackbirds infringing on their space.

Replenish: Certain male blackbirds lose their brightness in winter. Summertime sees them in all their splendour. Winter is a time to rebuild their energy to return in the summer in full splendour. Do not be afraid to follow your rhythms and replenish your winter cycle preparing for summer.

Grounded: Blackbirds are most often found on the ground with their flight low, of short duration and undulating. Over open country, they can be more focused and fast. Being grounded with the ability to fly fast, when required too, enables you to acknowledge your groundedness, and power, but giving you the ability to fly, and when required to, perhaps take the spiritual path.

Assuredly: Blackbirds are fastidious when building a nest and can have four nestlings each season. If you lay down good foundations you can eventually teach your young to fly the nest assuredly.

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