God is Light and God is Love.
You become enlightened by having the Light, that God is, inside of you from birth.
Imagine that when you were born a Light went on inside of you.
This Light is represented by Love.
When Light shines it is only seen when it is embodied in a vessel of some kind.
The vessel of Love inside of you captures the Light inside of you.
The Light inside of you, God’s Light, becomes God’s Love inside of you.

When you were born you were Pure Light and Pure Love.

As you interacted with the physical world outside of you, you responded and reacted to every action.
When you were separated from your mother at birth you experienced separation, loss, for the first time.

This separation, this loss, made you aware of fear.
The fear of loss.

You were part of your mother, happy, blissful, warm, knowing her Love.
Then you were separated from her physical body.
You were on your own from birth.

Being on your own was a shock.
You felt lost, alone, afraid, cold, and hungry.
You experienced fear – the opposite of Love which you had only known.
At that moment you forgot you were part of God, Love and Light.
At that moment your connection to the part of God inside of you, the Light and the Love that you are, was temporarily broken by your forgetfulness of Who You Really Are.
You then experienced loss, fear, anger and, in time, other negative energies.

When you are exposed to fear of loss it is as if a black cloth covers the Light inside of you.
Every time you experience fear another black cloth covers your Light inside of you.

All you have to do is simply remember Who You Really Are – a part of God, that you are Love and Light, always and all ways.
Every time you remember, and believe that and act accordingly, the black cloths evaporate from covering the Light inside of you.

If you receive continual negative messages from forces outside of you then your fears intensify.
Eventually there are so many black cloths covering the Light inside of you that this Light cannot be seen, or felt as Love, by you any longer.

Feelings are the language of your Soul.
If your feelings of fear are so strong and you cannot ever remember that you are Part of God, that you have God’s Light and God’s Love inside of you, then the Love that you are goes into a darkened corner and you become fear, until you remember once again Who You Really Are.

Your journey as a Soul in a physical body on earth is to experience many things in physical, material, emotional and spiritual ways.
This experience is part of your Soul contract you, as a Soul, made with other members of your Soul group in Spirit, prior to your visit to earth, this time in the body you currently occupy.

Many and various events, feelings, “things” happen to you in the physical as part of your Soul contract. We know this is difficult for you to remember but, trust Us, you did call all this upon yourself so you could grow spiritually. As many of you would say, “What a bummer!”

When what you perceive to be “good” and “bad” things happen to you (believe it or not they are all “good” things, but more on this later), you have one choice in every present moment of Now.

That choice is to remember whether to say:

1. Why is this happening to me? Is it because I know I am fearful and I am a victim of my circumstances. Life’s a bitch and then you die! There is no point to this life anyway. What the hell, give me a drink, a pill, or something similar. It’s all pointless anyway, they will never let me have any peace/success/happiness, etc., anyway. I deserve this because I’ve been bad, etc. My parents messed me up. My brother/sister was horrible to me. My friend let me down. My boss hates me. My spouse cheated on me. My kids hate me. I hate me!


2. Why is this happening to me? I am part of God. God is Love. I am Love. The part of God inside of me makes me Love. I trust God to give me everything that I need (not want) when I need it for my Soul’s growth. I TRUST (To Release Unto Spirit Totally and then To Rely Upon Spirit Totally) that God will give me what I need when I need it. God’s timing is always perfect. I am going to trust the process to unfold as it should, stay in the Now and be Love.
Whatever is happening to me I am going to think, do, act and say “What would Love do now?”

Your choice is:
(i) to remain fearful and remain a victim of your circumstances, unconscious that you chose this occurrence for your Soul’s growth,
or to choose to:
(ii) Be Love, not Fear. To trust God and God’s timing and to be conscious that this occurrence is for your Soul’s growth and that you chose it to occur. Embrace this change and know if embraced in Love CHANGE will mean Clearing, Healing And New Gifts Emerging.

Don’t leave now you may miss the miracle about to emerge – MIRACLE – May I Recognize A Conscious Light Emerging.
Simply Be Love, Be Beloved, Be in Love.

So, back to the beginning – what happened to that Love inside of me that I was born with?
You make choices either to come from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) or from LOVE (Let Our Vibrations Evolve).

You decide “What would fear do now?” or “What would Love do now?”
That simple choice determines whether your life on earth is full of fear or full of Love. Fear resulting in unhappiness or Love creating happiness.

Fear or Love? It’s your choice in every present moment of Now.

Why choose fear when Love is all there is?

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