7. Are You Reacting Or Responding

The desire to move from Fear to Love is the reason you are reading, or listening, to this right now.

Oh, to replace the unconscious grip that Fear has in determining your thought processes with the conscious abundance of Love colouring every thought and consciously determining every reality in every moment of Now. Oh, what bliss!

Imagine that! No more Fear, only knowing Love in every thought, word, deed and action. To replace the fear-based life you live with an altered consciousness of Love surrounding you Now and in every successive moment of Now.

Do you think this is attainable? Do you really want to Be Love rather than continue to experience Fear? Do you know now that FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real is not your natural state? Do you know that your natural state is Love?

You are part of God, God is Love, you are Love!

Love is your natural state. You come from God, you come from Love. You were conceived as an act of lovemaking. You were greeted in love upon your arrival as a Soul inhabiting a body, you were treated in love as a body. You were, and are, always Love.

So how come you live in Fear?

Events in your life unfolded and the love that surrounded you as a baby was replaced by a new reality. The fear of those around you in the physical world, influencing you, becomes your new reality as you learnt to cope with the physical world. Fear becomes your protector as people and events negatively affect and threaten your existence. Lovers, parents, siblings and others no longer always give you love. Their fear-based lives impact on you, influencing you to adopt a fear-based life. You learn the knee-jerk reaction to changing circumstances based on survival instincts fight or flight.

Fear is your protector as you struggle to survive. You learn to react to changing circumstances based upon a fear response which becomes unconsciously automatic. Are you a friend or foe. Do I fight or flight away. I cant trust you, you are going to hurt me, I will protect myself, I will remain vigilantly fearful of everything and everyone until I learn to start trusting.

In the meantime I will protect my continual feeling of possible loss by reacting, by coming from Fear, from suspicion. I will react to everything and everyone initially from fear of loss until I have learnt to trust them, or it, however I will always keep Fear close to protect me in case my instincts of trust prove incorrect. I choose Fear to protect me and will react unconsciously based on it.

So here we have it react unconsciously based on ingrained fear of loss can you now begin to understand why Love, your natural state, feels so foreign to you?

Think about your life now. In the past when Love presented itself in so many ways how did you react fearfully or accepting of that Love.

Any regrets?

Anything you can do about the past?

The past is tense!

Anything you can do now about learning to replace Fear with Love your natural state?

Instead of reacting unconsciously from Fear you can train yourself to learn to respond coming from Love.

The choice to respond is a consciously learnt one.

The ability to respond is your response ability your responsibility!

By being responsible to change your state of Fear unconsciously to one of coming from Love always, and all ways, in a conscious act.

Initially, it requires conscious effort and striving to remind yourself to respond by coming from Love.

You learnt to walk by consciously attempting to keep your balance. Now it’s an automatic process.

Initially, you consciously choose to replace the unconscious reaction of Fear with the conscious choice of coming from Love. In time, practice makes perfect! If not in this lifetime, you have many others! We say this so you attain a realistic perspective.

Consciously choose Love rather than Fear. Your determination to apply this alternative thought process will determine your success. It takes conscious effort and application. Keep persisting, expect a miracle and remember the rainbow comes after the rain.

Be patient but persistent in choosing love thoughts in conscious response rather than unconscious fear-based thoughts of reaction protecting you from possible loss.

So what is the magic formula of responding coming from Love consciously rather than unconsciously reacting from Fear.

This may sound like goody goody platitudes so please do not reject its simplicity without giving it conscious effort and persistence first. If done sincerely it will be a life changing moment for you.

So here goes!

Greet every person, or circumstance, that confronts you with a smile and say, to yourself, I am sorry I love you. Say it repeatedly keeping a smile in your heart, on your lips and reflected in your eyes.

Do not say it out aloud, as yet, simply say it to yourself about the other person/people/events I am sorry I love you.

Can you picture this scene? Someone is screaming at you, as they come from fear-based reaction to an event or circumstance. They are losing their balance, their equilibrium and taking out their fear-based frustration at you. You consciously do not react from fear but rather choose to stand, or sit, there as this abuse is hurled at you while you choose to consciously come from Love.

The tirade continues and you simply smile at them, and say to yourself about them I am sorry I love you. Your smile is genuine and sincere. You feel that Love in your heart and it is reflected in your smile and shines through your eyes. You imagine that you are holding them in a loving embrace, as you would hold a child having a tantrum, and you imagine that you are whispering into their ear I am sorry I love you, its ok, I really love you as genuinely and sincerely as you can.

Their fear-based reaction hurling abuse at you comes all the way from their childhood when they experienced loss and used Fear to protect themselves from experiencing this loss again.

By responding consciously coming from Love, by saying to yourself about them I am sorry I love you and imagining holding them in a loving embrace will, eventually, be picked up by them at a level not consciously aware of by you, or them.

This unconscious level of awareness will eventually substitute their fear-based unconsciousness with a love-based unconsciousness. Their tough fear-based exterior will eventually crumble as the healing power of LOVE Let Our Vibrations Evolve -, and, – Let Our Vulnerabilities Emerge replace the fear-based protectiveness of what, in reality, is a scared little child. No matter how old the person is chronologically who you are dealing with Love is a scared little child using fear as a protection to avoid feeling loss, vulnerability, hurt and abuse.

By responding with conscious Love you are healing them and healing your own inner child.

So the next time you have a choice of coming from Fear in reaction or coming from Love in response choose the healing power of Love by consciously saying:

I consciously choose to no longer react in Fear but to respond in Love

What would Love do now?

I am sorry I love you and embrace you in the healing power of Love in love of myself and in love of you.

I am Love, it is my natural state.

I am Part of God, God is Love, I am Love.

I love you.

I heal you in Love.

I am sorry I love you.

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