Strength, Self-Sufficient, Introspection, Power, Playful, Sweetness, Intuition, Fearless

Strength: The physical strength of the bear with its fearless power creates a powerful symbol of strength that can be called upon when required.

Self Sufficient: Standing on its two rear legs a bears strength and self-sufficiency to handle and survive any situation is evident.

Introspection: The bears apparent hibernation is determined by their amount of stored-up fat. By going within itself to find the nutrition it requires to survive while asleep for lengthy periods. In your instance, self-imposed introspection, may give you the tools to find the answers you may seek for your life.

Power: This introspection of going within to find your answers can, with the imagery of a bear allow and enable you to do so from a position of strength, self-sufficiency and power.

Playful: Bears can be playful, especially as cubs, and the ability to be playful is always a good reminder to yourself.

Sweetness: Bears love of honey, the sweetness and goodness of life, is something you should do often, look for sweetness and goodness in your life.

Intuition: The bear is active in both day and night. Its strength and power is drawn from solar energy while lunar energy gives it intuition.

Fearless: The bears strength and power breeds fearlessness which when used without due caution can have disastrous consequences.

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