When you give genuine respect, admiration, praise or Love how do you feel about yourself? Good, better, even greater than that, the best! How do you feel about the other person, people, or things you are respecting, admiring, praising or loving?

When you receive genuine respect, admiration, praise or Love how do you feel about yourself? How do you feel about that person, or those people, praising you?

Now, reverse that position. When you are angry with someone and you vent that anger, frustration, hate and fear of loss of something against that person, how do you feel about yourself? Is it a nice feeling or a horrible feeling, deep inside of you?

How do you feel about the other person, nice or horrible?
At that moment what are you feeling about you and them?

When someone is angry with you, frustrated, vengeful, hateful and filling you with the fear of loss about something, how does that make you feel inside, about them and about yourself.

It is wonderful to feel great about yourself and another, and, is it horrible to feel terrible about yourself and another?

Feelings are the language of your Soul.

Feelings are expressing your Soul’s emotions.

So why do you feel great, or horrible, when you affect your Soul’s emotions and other people’s Souls’ emotions with your Love or your fear at any given moment in time?

Because your Soul’s feelings and their Souls’ feelings are empathetic, compassionate and understanding, the emotions of Love or fear that is happening to both your Souls simultaneously, is felt by you.

When you drop a stone into a pond of water, the stone drops to the bottom the quickest way possible and the water ripples on the surface the quickest way possible. Both are affected by this action.
The stone and the water come from the earth as their source.

You and the other person’s Souls come from the same Source, some of you call God, Light, All Knowing and many other names. Even the Bible has over 70 names describing and naming God.

If your Soul and their Soul come from the same Source then at some level you are all One.

So, back to the Orange!

An orange has a tough skin that once peeled produces a round sweet fruit made up of segments and within those segments are fibers, juice and pips. Not too different from your composition!

Each segment looks similar, but is different. Different veins, some thinner, some fatter, some sweeter, some not as sweet, some with pips, some without. A bit like humans?

When you separate the segments the orange is still an orange, but no longer whole. So it is with people. They come from One Wholeness then become separate. However, each segment, each person, is part of the Whole Source.

You are All part of One. That One is Pure Love. You are all, and only, Love. If you don’t experience Being Love to yourself and to others then you can possibly even measure how far you have moved from being Who You Real Are – Pure Love.

What would you give right now to be Pure Love? To only experience in this moment of now, being in Love, expressing only Love, feeling only Love towards yourself and towards others.

Ever been in Love? What a feeling! Now you know how your Soul is feeling when you are in Love. Your Soul is connecting to its Source – Pure Love.

What steps can you take to return to experiencing being in Love, being Love and giving and receiving Love to yourself and everyone else?

Want the magic formula again? It’s all over Guidespeak.com.

Think, say, act and do “What would Love do now?”

It’s that simple if you want it.

Aren’t you glad you are an Orange?

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