7. Loveless Sex

Sex is not love. Loveless sex is bodies joining. You are not your body, you are Spirit. Loveless sex is simply empty shells of bodies experiencing temporary, momentary, nerve ending sensations.

Loveless sex is devoid of any real feelings of meaning. It is meaningless. A momentary stimulatory experience takes something potentially magnificently God-like and love-like and flushes it down the toilet like waste products. Loveless sex changes you every time. This damage compounds on itself every time. Loveless sex is the Egos desire for power. The Egos desire to express itself through control and manipulation.

Ego convinces you that you do not need to have Love to have sex. Sex is the ultimate high. What do you need Love for, sex is all you need. So go and enjoy sex. Love is for fools.

Well, if you are not Love then you are Fear. Therefore, Ego has you trapped in Fear and offers you loveless sex as a reward. Some reward!

Now that you have become Fear in loveless sex, you experience lack of self-worth. Your self-esteem diminishes as you use others for sexual gratification or as you are used for sexual gratification. This taking of sex, rather than giving of Love, diminishes you, changes you, as your feeling of emptiness grows inside of you. The not knowing Love in this God-given ultimate act of lovemaking leaves you controlled by your Ego-driven need for power based on Fear of control and manipulation.

You are now driven by your Fears. Your increasing lack of self-worth now requires more and more loveless sex to generate a feeling of power a poor substitute for feeling real Love.

Loveless sex diminishes you as it reinforces the Fear inside of you, as it reinforces your increasing feeling of lack of self-worth, as you feel increasingly damaged inside of you. Ultimately all this diminishes your ability to feel real love Who You Really Are, and makes you cynical about real Love and Fear now has you in a vice grip.

You justify your loveless sex by diminishing sex, as its only sex. It has no meaning for you, only a physical need to control and manipulate someone to get what you want physical gratification.

Where is the Love? Who needs Love? It is just sex!

Without Love, sex is animalistic. Without Love, sex diminishes you in its Fear-like grip. Without Love, you will not know Inner Peace.

Without Love, sex is damaging to you.

Only Love is real, all else is an illusion.

Without Love, you are only an illusion.

Loveless sex is an illusion.

If you know how beautiful the God-given sexual act is when you are being Love, making love by being real Love, then you will know that loveless sex is a damaging illusion. Loveless sex is taking sex, not making love.

You choose – Being Love and making love in Inner Peace – or – being Fear in taking loveless sex.

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