8. Judging The Illusion

Every act that is not an act of Pure Love is an illusion. All there is is God. All there is is Love. God is Love. Everything else is an illusion.

When a wonderful happy child suddenly becomes impossible when it does not get its own way, it changes and becomes belligerent, difficult, and unresponsive, in a word impossible.

If you wrap your arms around it and tell it that you love him/her, calm it down and then when tempers are reduced, you say I love you but I don’t like your behaviour, continually giving it love, not sweets, or other bribes just continual love, it will eventually calm down and within an hour will revert to being a wonderful, happy child.

Where did that monster go?
The impossible behaviour was a cry for love. Once love was continually expressed, the monster went away, for now!

Children between the ages of 1 and 101 behave the same way, changing personalities as a cry for love. If not attended to the changed personality can become more and more permanent. Eventually these sweet lovable babies become difficult, impossible, misbehaving teenagers, young adults, adults, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents! All they needed was for their cry for love to be attended to in love so they could learn to love themselves.

This changed personality is not Who They Really Are Pure Love a Part of God. This changed personality is an illusion not the real them. This illusion is a masquerade, a mask, a costume, a non-real person. This illusion is the entity that is the lawbreaker moral, civil and other laws. This illusion is the entity that feels guilt.

That is why there is no one to judge, ever, because it is an illusion that caused the hardship not the real person the Pure Love the Part of God person. The illusion is not real, it is not the real person, it is the monster inner child having a tantrum who is responsible.

Blaming the real person, the part of God person will not help. See the illusion for what it is an illusion not real. Do not judge the real person for acting out the illusion. The real person is blameless how can a part of God be blamed?

Say to the real person I love you for being the real person you are Pure Love a part of God. I love you but do not like the behaviour of your Ego driven personality. I see your behaviour as a cry for love. I am here, right now, to give you the love you need. I will not deny you that love because I am Love and by denying you love, I am no longer Love. I become Fear. I want to always be Love so I will love you now.

I will not judge the real you, I will accept that if I give you love you will see a miracle transformation. Your need for your illusionary self will disappear and the real you the Pure Love the Part of God that you are will shine through.

Your self-worth will improve, over time, by being loved for Who You Really Are, and in time you will manifest the real you Pure Love the Part of God you really are.

Now I will find Inner Peace by loving the real you and allowing me to remain the love that I am.

Know only Love, give only Love. Know Inner Peace.

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