6. Love And Sex

You are Love. Your partner is Love. When you both acknowledge that you are in love with each other that the parts of God you both are have found each other then you will know unconditional love for each other.

In this unconditional love you will both selflessly give all to the other without wanting anything in return. You will both want to give everything and not want to get anything in exchange. There will be two people who have experienced unconditional love of themselves individually, now wanting and willing to share that unconditional self-love with each other. You will both be independent in your individual self-love and interdependent in your mutual love for each other and not be dependent on this love.

Only then will you really be in love. This love of giving and not wanting to get anything in exchange, to simply be Love, Who You Really Are, to each other like ever flowing fountains of blissful love.

No Ego, no Fear, simply being Pure Love, simply being totally comfortable in being Love together. The synergy of this unconditional love for yourselves and for each other makes God smile as you fully develop the parts of God that you both are.

Now when your love-controlled minds allow your love controlled bodies to join together physically in a God given beautiful sexual act you will truly know the meaning of making love while being Love. This is when you know that God is Love, this is when you will also experience inner love, know peace and know sexual gratification. Sexual love is not measured by performance rankings but by knowing that you are Love, being Love, making love, giving love without wanting anything in exchange, by expressing love physically with one you love in sacredness eternally.

This sacred love finds Inner Peace.

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