6. BAT

Adaptability, Discrimination, Facing your Fears,

Sociable, Transformations, Transitions, Vision

Adaptability : Bats adapt to their particular environment. Their senses, feeding, mating, size and flight patterns adapt to their particular environment. When you receive some abundance, which may not really be seen as abundance, then alter your normal patterns of behaviour so you can receive its bountiful blessings. Adapt, change, hear the new frequency being delivered, get the new message, accept it, become abundant.

Discrimination : The nose is the organ of discrimination. The sense of smell determines discriminatory choices. With its sonar located in its nose, the bat can discriminate the truth. How do you know the truth as it resonates with your current reality now?

Facing your Fears : Bats provide the opportunity for you to face your fears. Let go of the old and prepare for change to create the new. If you resist, things deteriorate from bad to worse. By remaining emotionally attached to the old familiar patterns we become as blind as a bat to the infinite opportunities and possibilities that an uncertain and insecure future holds. Look for the blessings that these changes and transformations will bring. Take responsibility for your life and open up to the intuitive powers within you, which will override all your fears. Make a choice with your free will. What you choose now will reverberate throughout your life. Have the courage to choose something else more important than fear. Empower yourself, embrace Change Clearing, Healing And New Gifts Emerging go beyond fear embrace change in your life.

Sociable: The bat is a sociable animal and lives in flocks.

Transformation: Bats signify that a transformation of your ego is about to occur. Your concept of the truth is about to be shattered. What worked for you in the past may not work so well in the future. You are going to endure a death and a rebirth with a new truth to guide you. The bat offers you wisdom to make the changes for your new identity.

Transitions: The bat is the only mammal that can fly. With changes you may fly to new heights, seeing the world through a new perspective.

Vision: Bats are not blind. Their eyes are large and developed and can navigate by vision in lighted situations. However, bats are experts at manoeuvring through the dark. They derive their night vision through a form of sonar in their nose called echolocation. Can you develop skills that give you an advantage while others are sleeping?

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