6. Stand Tall And Proud

To Stand Tall And Proud means to recognize that you are now living in the Now.

In the now, you acknowledge that you are Part of God, that God is Love and that you are Love.

By standing tall and proud, you are acknowledging that the Part of God inside of you deserves to be recognized by you.

God is unlimited. God knows that everything is possible. God knows that the only time you feel that you cant do something is the time that you forget that you are a Part of God.

When you remember that you are a Part of God then you can stand tall and proud at the top of a mountain. You will then know that you can achieve whatever your thoughts create. If you can visualize it, if you are serious in your intentions to prepare and train to achieve it, if you are prepared to execute your plan you have visualized, then you can achieve it, providing you stand in your integrity throughout the entire process of visualization, planning, preparation and execution.

Throughout the entire process you must stand in your integrity of yourself, you must stand tall and proud remembering all the time that you are Part of God, God is Love and that you are Love.

In this process, you will not know fear, you will know love by being love in every present moment of Now.

There are unlimited opportunities going to be presented to you. Stand tall and proud in your integrity of yourself as you remember and acknowledge the Part of God inside of you.

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