5. Change Your Perspective To Improve Your Life

You are traveling on a train. It is nighttime. You look out the window. It is dark. You feel protected as you sit in the carriage. Daylight comes and still sitting in your railway carriage, you look out the window. You see fields of green, the occasional cow, sheep or goat. Your view outside has changed but you are still sitting in the same carriage.

What changed? You were affected by the light outside and this changed your perspective; everything else remained the same, you, the carriage and your life.

How would you feel if you could change the light inside of you and therefore change your perspective of your life for the better?

Let Us put you back on the train. Your compartment seats six and when you boarded the train you found an empty compartment and you had it all to yourself. What bliss!

Suddenly the trains brakes are applied, and the train slows down and stops at the next station. A middle-aged woman and three out of control young boys invade your compartment. These boys are jumping on the seats, pushing each other around, bumping into you without any apology. Your peaceful carriage ride has turned into a nightmare. You stare at the mother who simply stares into space oblivious of her children’s behaviour and your obvious annoyance.

Eventually you have had enough. You firmly state, Madam your children are out of control and are annoying me!

The middle-aged woman looks at you, blankly, without really seeing your discomfort, and says, absent-mindedly, Yes, we have just come from the hospital where their brother died an hour ago.

Suddenly you say: I’m sorry, is there anything I can do?

How your perspective has changed. Your first impression of a mother unable to control her children and the poorly behaved children has now changed to one of empathy and understanding a completely different perspective.

What has changed? The circumstances in the carriage remain the same. The only thing that has changed is your attitude towards them as you integrate this new knowledge into your understanding. You are still being annoyed by the children, however, all you really want to do now is give comfort to the mother and her rowdy sons as they deal with their new loss in different ways.

Your inner light of awareness has changed your perspective.

With that understanding are you ready to deal with your life’s perspective now?

Let us assume you are in a meaningful loving relationship with someone, a spouse, a fiancé, a boyfriend/girlfriend. This is not your first meaningful relationship nor your partners. You both have had other meaningful relationships in the past. However, it is the meaningful relationship you are involved with now, and hopefully, forever.

Your partners previous spouse, fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend reappears into your life. This is irritating as it obviously makes it uncomfortable for you, and possibly, for your partner.

It may be a phone call, a message, a present, a visit. Your harmony has been disturbed and your music has stopped playing.

Suddenly everything is annoying you. What was acceptable before may have become an irritation now.

You are feeling insecure, as the fear of loss, at any level, has arisen in you. That insecurity does not necessarily come from this relationship. It could come from your experience of past relationships, from your childhood or even from other lifetimes when you knew rejection and loss.

Your perspective of your current relationship has changed, for the worse. Your attitude has worsened as you integrate the fear that has arisen inside of you as your new knowledge.

You were living happily in the Now of your relationship, however, you allowed a memory, or memories, of the past to shatter your happiness now as you projected your fear of loss into the future of your current relationship.

Back to the beginning of this lesson. You are in the railway carriage in the daylight looking out of the window at the green fields and at contented cows however, in your mind, you have enabled a swarm of locusts to darken the light and devastate the green fields and the contented cows.

You open your eyes and see how you allowed your fears to change your perspective from real to unreal. The green fields and the cows are real; the swarming locusts are not real.

So it is with your partners Ex. Your partner has moved on to your new relationship. You are both in love now with each other. Whomever you or your partner liked, or even loved, in the past is part of the tapestry of your relationship now.

Feelings are the language of your Soul. Your feelings come from your emotions. You must learn to trust yourself by trusting your true feelings of love in your current relationship now. If your current relationship has trust implicit in it then, when coupled with respect and kindness, love can grow.

Providing you come from love and trust your partner with your truth in your vulnerability then you can express your true emotions without fear of expressing them. Your partners understanding, empathy and love will become imminently evident.

By trusting your partner to deal with their Ex, by respecting your partner by saying I love you and know that you have to deal with this issue from your past, however I am here for you. By treating your partner with kindness, respect, support and love you remain in the Now, the only place where your current relationship is real. Not in the fear of the past or in fear of the future.

You do not have to fear the Ex. If you changed your perspective, you could see the Ex as an Angel not as the enemy.

Let Us paint a scenario for you.

Both you and your current partner came from previous relationships. Metaphorically speaking, you both came away from these previous relationships in need of hospital care. When you and your current partner met you were both ready to commence your current relationship.

Well, if your current partners Ex had not done what they did in terms of that past relationship your current partner would have probably still been in that relationship!

So, for you to enjoy the bliss of your current love relationship you both needed your Exs to behave the way they did so you two could be together now in bliss, in love, now and, hopefully forever.

So is your current partners Ex an Angel or the enemy?

Providing your love is real, then by respecting, trusting, being kind and supportive to your current partner is what is required, by coming from love, while dealing with the intrusion of the reappearance of your partners Ex.

By integrating the reality of your partners Ex as an Angel enabling your current love relationship to blossom changes your perspective of your new reality.

Thank you for reappearing in our lives by providing a mirror for us to see our respect, trust, kindness and supportiveness creating our love for each other.

By changing your perspective by coming from love in the Now rather than fear of the past projected into the future will empower your life considerably.

Trust your love, trust your partners love for you now, be kind, supportive, and respectful as you show your appreciation of your partners love for you now. Be thankful for the mirror of your partners Ex as you see the correct perspective of your love for each other in the mirror now.

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