5. An Unconditional Love Relationship

If you want to have Inner Peace in a relationship then you will need to find the love inside of you. You are Pure Love a Part of God. That part of God is your Soul. You will need to connect with your Soul to find the love inside of you. (See Everything You Need Is Inside Of You The Book of Evolving Relationships Lesson 15).

When you have learnt to love yourself, you will become whole, complete and the love inside of you will come out of you like an ever-flowing fountain of love Gods love.

Everyone you meet will want to be in your orbit. You will make them feel your love inside of you start to resonate with their love inside of them.

You will feel your Inner Peace when you feel the love inside of you continuously. Once you are complete within yourself, you will feel the Oneness with God and with the parts of God within other people. You do not need a relationship partner to depend on to complete you. You are complete.

When you find someone who, like you, is a complete person, knowing the Oneness as you do, you can enjoy a love relationship as you can both share your complete love of yourselves with each other’s complete love.

In this relationship, you do not look to change the other person but prefer to see how beautiful they already are. You are not dependent on the other in this relationship. You are independent in your wholeness. When you show love in this relationship you both become inter-dependent, not dependent, not independent but inter-dependent. You can separate in love, come together in love, be with each other in love, and be apart in love. There is no need, no jealousy, no guilt, no dependency. Simply wanting to both give love to each other of which you both have an ever-flowing abundance from Loves Own Source. Not wanting to get anything in return simply the pleasure of giving the love the part of God that you both are and have discovered, individually, for yourselves.

When you have that relationship of unconditional love, you will both know Inner Peace. Regrettably, any other form of relationship-based on need and dependency, not on Oneness, will not give you Inner Peace.

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