Aggressive, Alliances, Digging for the Truth, Evasive,

Loners, Poor Vision, Powerful Expressions

Aggressive : The badger is aggressive, bold and ferocious, never surrendering, fighting to the death if cornered, standing their ground. Once they have bitten their enemy, they hang on firmly, never letting go. They have courage, are fearless, possess a fighting spirit and display persistence. If you have these qualities and want to improve your people skills then try and stand in the other persons shoes for a while.

Alliances: Whilst being self-reliant, they can form alliances; for example, the honey guide bird will lead the badger to honey, with the badger breaking open the hive so they both can benefit by eating.

Digging for the Truth: Badgers are remarkable diggers, burrowing below the surface and creating an underground complex of burrows. It is very organized, neat, tidy and efficient in addressing any disorder. In this digging, it connects to roots, plants and gets to the root of a problem. Root medicine is an aggressive form of healing to obtain more immediate results. Digging for the truth may be rewarding if no ego is involved otherwise it may lead to a lonely existence.

Evasive: The badgers skin is loose fitting. When attacked, the attacking teeth invariably only grasp loose skin. Can you wear your skin looser? Can you learn to stave off attackers and not take every attack to heart?

Loners: Badgers are loners and live a solitary life. They are unsociable and do not relate well to any other animals including other badgers. If you are lonely because your share attributes with the badger you can stay as you are or you can change by becoming un-badger-like.

Poor Vision: As a member of the weasel family, badgers dig and burrow into the earth. They have poor vision and rely on their excellent sense of smell and hearing. This poor vision limits their ability to see others points of view and this imbalances their perspective causing them to be loners, attacking ferociously holding on to the death for either animal. Recognize anyone here?!

Powerful Expressions: Badgers have very strong jaws. Jaws are symbolic of powerful expressions. Words, stories, storytelling are these forms of expressions. Storytelling becomes a metaphor for life. Stories have more than one meaning and symbolize different levels as in a building. Badgers are known as storytellers who use words as weapons. Words can be used to damage people or to encourage people and inspire people. How do you use your words?

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