When was the last time you really enjoyed something or someone?

Can you remember that time?

Can you remember all the facts, or is it more of a wonderful feeling that has come over you?
How long did that feeling of enjoyment last when it was happening?
Was it a fleeting second of upliftment in joy, in bliss, in peace, in happiness or did it last a few seconds, perhaps even a minute, or was it even longer?
Were you on your own or were you sharing that moment of joy with one or more people, animals, birds or something else?
When you think back on it now, what feeling predominates? What feeling jumps out at you as the expressions and experience of that joy at that moment?
Was it a feeling of freedom from constraints, from restraints, from the past conditioning of your mind?
Did this feeling of freedom enable you to feel a “high”?
Was this feeling of freedom experiencing this joy, a feeling that allowed you to feel “bigger” than you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror?
Did you feel empowered, did you feel unrestrained, did you feel “higher”, did you feel “bigger”, did you feel bursting with happiness, did you feel great?

What a feeling!

Feelings are the language of your Soul.
Your Soul is the part of you which is connected to God.
God is Pure Love and Pure Light,
Your Soul is Pure Love and Pure Light.

When you experienced this moment of joy as you enjoyed the moment, so you allowed your mind to be stilled, no Ego was at play then.
In your moment of joy you slipped into a gap between the thoughts of your mind.
In your moment of joy the gap you found between the thoughts in your mind allowed you to access your Soul.
For those precious moments you felt your Soul.
Your Soul is Pure Love and Pure Light.
Your feelings touched your Soul and experienced pure bliss or happiness without any reason to be happy, simply an ever flowing fountain of sublime happiness – Pure Love, Pure Light, a feeling of wondrous energy.
This feeling of enjoyment came from being “out of your mind”, (in the gap between thoughts) and allowing your feelings to “feel God”, the part of God inside of you – your Soul.

Too often in your life you endure the moment (but not enjoy the moment), to eventually achieve a result which you can be proud of achieving. If you achieve it you feel worthy, proud and happy, if you don’t then you feel unworthy, a failure and sad. The result alone determines your self-worth.

But what of the moments that made up that particular journey as you strived for the goal of achievement. Were those moments endured in gritting of teeth, tension, struggle, toil, or were they enjoyed fully in happiness with a smile on your face as you effortlessly glided along, without friction of any kind, in reaching your goal.

Did you enjoy every moment or did you endure every moment.

Did you stay in the present moment of Now, doing what was required at that moment or was your mind focused on the results alone?
Did you stay in the moment of Now doing what was required in each moment of Now and did you stay out of the results, allowing the results to take care of themselves?

Did you make every moment count and at the end when you got the results did you then make that moment count?

Or was your mind so preoccupied with the results alone at the end that you tensed up, your increased tense state stopping the free flow of movement that your body, mind, intuition and Soul combined hungered for? Did you stop the natural flow of your rhythm by tensing up, concerned only about the results?

Why burden yourself by carrying a sack on your back in the race of life?

Why not simply enjoy the moment without any thoughts in your mind. Simply block out your thoughts and allow yourself to access the gap in your thoughts, to tap into your Soul, and so feel the bliss of the moment of Now. (See the lessons – Why you have Fear and, Learning to Live in the Now.)

By staying in this moment of Now you allow your Soul, which is Love, to dominate you instead of your Fear based Ego driven mind.

Everything is possible for God.
Everything is possible for you as a part of God.
Everything is possible for you if you stay in the present moment of Now and access your Soul which is Love and Light.
You will be given everything you need (not want) for the growth of your Soul if you consciously stay in the present moment of Now.
Your Soul will deliver to you what you need (not want) if you remain consciously in the present moment of Now.

That’s how miracles are made to happen.
If you consciously stay in the present moment of Now you can experience a miracle in the making.
May I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving – MIRACLE.

Firstly, you have to stay in the Now.
Secondly, you have to smile and really enjoy the moment.
Thirdly, you have to give and share Love to yourself and to others.
Fourthly, whatever the result that unfolds, you have enjoyed every moment.
Fifthly, by accessing your Soul you have found bliss – happiness without a reason to be happy.
Sixthly, when you are blissfully enjoying the moment, is this not greater than any result you could have wished for?
Seventhly, by feeling uplifted in every present moment of Now, what other result could produce a better feeling.

O you won the race, the championship, passed the exam or whatever, that end result feeling is simply another moment of joy you may experience but you have had so many moments of joy by simply staying in the present moment of Now and experiencing your Soul, part of God’s Love and God’s Light, that the results are no longer that important any more.

You have learnt to enjoy the moment, moment by moment, not simply to endure the moments until victory is won or lost.
You have won in every present moment of Now, the moment when the result is announced is only another moment of Now, not THE only moment of importance.

When you learn to enjoy each winning moment of Now then you will learn to:
Trust the process to unfold as it should.
To stay in the Now and
To Be Love which is your true essence.

ENJOY – Enthusiastically Now Joyfully Open Yourself (to know God’s Love).

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