52. Are You Circling Or Spiralling?

The essence of who you are in the physical world is your DNA. Your DNAs structure is based on a spiral format. The DNA spiral appears as a double stranded Helix. It does not touch itself as it spirals upwards with one double strand and downwards with the other double strand.

The essence of who you are is a spiral. You are a spiral. If you have difficulty imagining this, then envisage a notebook with a spiral binding. This spiral wire, or plastic, does not touch the wire or plastic above or below it as it spirals.

A circle is something that begins at a certain point, traverses 360 degrees and re-joins itself at the beginning. This creates a perfect circle. This is very useful, for example, a wheel is a perfect circle. The discovery of the wheel enabled man’s evolution on the physical plane, known as earth, to accelerate in leaps and bounds.

However, in this context We wish to give the circle a different meaning. In this context, We wish to give the circle a meaning that is to do with repetitive cycles.

When you start at a certain point, you go around the 360-degree circle, and you finish where you started from, you have then completed the circle.

If you are a spiral, you start at a certain point and you go upwards or downward, never touching any part of the design behind you in creating the pattern of a spiral. By going upwards, you, as a spiral, are moving towards the Light.

In this analogy, let Us assume that you made a mistake in your life. That mistake, whatever it was, was the beginning of the cycle. Now you have a choice in order to grow and evolve beyond the mistake, and so the mistake becomes a learning experience. You can circle above the point of your mistake, creating a spiral. You avoid going back to the point of your mistake and so avoid creating a circle of repetitive action making the same mistake again and possibly over and over and over again. This way you acknowledge your original mistake and treat it as a learning experience, knowing how to get above the mistake, spiralling above it without touching, or repeating, that point, or mistake, again.

By making the mistake again you commit yourself to repetitive creative cycles of the mistake, like a hamster on a wheel. If you choose not to avoid the first mistake, by repeating it, it is no longer a learning experience; it is a mistake pure and simple.

The choice you have, in your free will, is to treat the initial mistake as a learning experience and so spiral above it. Alternatively, you can choose to repeat the mistake in a circular fashion and be trapped in the circumstances of consequences and cause and effect. This is the role of a victim.

If your choice is to repeat mistakes in a cyclical pattern, you have chosen not to grow and evolve spiritually as well as emotionally. That is your free will choice to do.

If you choose not to repeat your mistake but rather treat it as a learning experience, spiralling above it, you have chosen to grow and evolve spiritually, and emotionally.

You have free will. We will never interfere in your free will choice; We will simply give you the option to make your free will choice. Do you wish to be a spiral, which is your essence, and grow and evolve towards the light or do you wish to be a circle repeating mistakes of the past without any spiritual, or emotional, growth being attached to your journey?

You choose spiral for growth or circle for victimhood.

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